New Year's Resolution: Imitate Julia Allison

julia allison

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Is there anyone left out there that DOESN'T know who Julia Allison is? Apparently, even though the editor at large of Star Magazine and notorious no holds barred dating columnist is famous in blog land and gossip ville, the answer is a resounding "YES". So, we have held out long enough. Today we must contribute our two cents to the "Carrie Bradshaw" of today. First, Gawker is notorious for reporting on mocking all things Julia, and they go overboard. This may be one of the best examples that disputes the whole "any publicity is good publicity" affirmation. Because she was such a permanent fixture on their site, we completely adverted our eyes away from anything with her name in it. Thus, until last week, we really didn't have much of any idea what she really did, (self promotion). With there being completely NOTHING else going on in the online world the last two weeks, we took the time to fall into the life of Ms. Allison and were suprisingly hooked.

Julia has a Tumblr account in which she re-counts EVERY possible thing that is going on in her life with minute-by-minute pictures and video. On her recent trip home to Chicago, not a minute was wasted, divulging everything from her brother and his girlfriend's matching christmas sweaters, to the family discussion involving earwax around the kitchen counter. Julia lives in hell's kitchen and pays way too much for her pad (around $2,500). She can't stop buying headbands with bows on them, and is "seriously intimidated" by Ivanka Trump. Oh, and there's that popular little site she started with then boyfriend and Internet Venture Capitalist, Jakob Lodwick. Valleywag is continually wondering who she is hooking up with. She loves (loves) her dog, Leven Rambin, and just really can't get enough of....well herself.

We want to hate Julia Allison, but we can't. In fact, we have discovered that we are becoming regulars to her site, and have no idea why. Why are we pulled into reading about her new swimsuit or 4 figure dress at Nordstroms that she feels like a princess in? Why are we checking in to see what she ended up doing for New Years (dinner at Nobu with the girls) and hooked into watching entire youtubes of her dog running in circles on a snowy beach? After much contemplation we think we have the answer. Julia is into herself, and she's not ashamed of it. In fact she wishes this for all of us. She constantly has a smile on her face and teaches us about the benefits of doing year end re-evaluations with ourselves. She goes home and takes pictures of her grandma drinking tea. Jesus she is like the opposite of the New York bitch and it's just, well....refreshing. So, maybe we are idiots for drinking up her juice but once in awhile you just need to know that there are still people that are out there who are not afraid to be happy. Thanks Julia.

p.s. Julia Allison will be running Gawker today from 2-6 pm. And don't worry, Nick Denton promised he'd pay her.