Thursday, January 10 @ 7:00 pm

If your whole life has been one ridiculous mistake after another, join the club — and then join us at this top-secret shindig. On Thursday, January 10, Flavorpill is throwing two very special parties (one in LA and another in BK) to welcome back to TV some hilarious erm, women. We're sworn to secrecy (no tweets, even!) as to the details, but we promise to send more info a day before the event. To keep you on your toes we’ll just say there will be dancing, booze, cupcakes, and a big surprise involved. We can confidently tell you, though, that you won't want to miss it — even if the last time you got drunk, you ate all this brie and threw up on your cell phone. RSVP now, because all adventurous women (and men) do. (Please note that the times are not given yet).