Sean Horton Gallery, 55-59 Chrystie Street, Suite 106, New York City, New York
Wednesday, January 9 @ 12:00 pm
Fine Arts

The gallery is pleased to present its second solo exhibition of new work by Berlin-based artist Natasza Niedziolka. Proceeding to work both in the tradition of Dada textile artists who embraced the irrational such as Jean Arp and Hannah Hoch and with the democratized folk-art technique of sewing, Niedziolka’s recent embroideries continue to combine whimsical abstractions with implied still life compositions, though now with the focus shifted onto the work’s constructed form. Only hints of color appear in these compositions, issued from delicate lines of colored thread on untreated cotton. The subtle variation of line color and density in the artist’s stitchwork demonstrates that Niedziolka’s embroideries have become increasingly concerned with relating to drawing on paper techniques. The result is a simplicity that resembles the contemplativeness of sketches and underpaintings utilized throughout the history of painting. By reducing the spontaneous forms and colors characteristic of her past work Niedziolka emphasizes both the physical embroidery technique as well as this historical tradition of working out complex compositions by drawing with minimal elements.