If You Can't Look Like 'Em, You Might As Well Join 'Em...Which Equinox Location Has The Most Celeb Members

by CARSON GRIFFITH · March 13, 2009

With summer just around the corner and beach bod season quickly creeping up on us (Hamptons anyone?), it's about time we head to the gym and attempt to shed our winter layers. We already tried this once with our New Year's resolutions, when gyms made joining easy, but actually getting there a whole different story. So if we have to suck it up and do it, we might as well have some eye candy to feast on while we're suffering, and what better motivation than some perfect examples of human specimens?

Yes, I am referencing celebrities. There is a reason I personally shell out the $130 a month that it costs (and that I can't technically afford) to belong to the Equinox in Chelsea, and it may have to do with the fact that at any moment I could lay eyes on the God-like man creature that is Chace Crawford. But if Gossip Girl's resident hunk isn't really your style when it comes to working out motivation, check out below for a list of a few celebs and where they've been spotted sweating it out.

Whether it be a Victoria's Secret model that's going to get you pumping iron or a Yankee that's going to get you into that bikini this summer, maybe we can lend you that helping hand to go that extra mile. But if not, happy stalking at least!

Equinox: Broadway & 19th

Douetzen Kroes

Holly Hunter

Kerry Washington

David Wright

John Mayer

Equinox: Chelsea

Chace Crawford

Equinox: 63rd & Lexington

Spike Lee

Equinox: Greenwich

Susan Sarandon

Matthew Broderick

Equinox: Soho

Mark Consuelos

Tyra Banks

Jane Krakowski

Robert Buckley

Do you know more?  Add them in our comments so we can include!

See you on Coopers Beach! With or without that cover-up!