The Latest Celebrity BFFs: Xtina & Kim, Jake & Adam

by CATHY LEVETT · June 22, 2010

New BFFs Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian do everything from tan together to joining one another in the ladies room at parties. This could easily be staged to increase each of the ladies' fame. After all, Aguilera's new album, Bionic, was reported as the biggest drop in UK history going from #1 to #18 in two weeks.

We all kind of saw the friendship between housewife Danielle Staub and Jill Zarin coming. Come on, they both basically made all of the other housewives hate them. Now let's take a look at some more new and random celebrity pairs...

Katy Perry and Rihanna

Katy Perry recently said on KIIS Radio that she wants her BFF Rihanna to strip at her bachelorette party which Rihanna is in charge of planning. Besides both being female music artists, they both like lollipops and are young, hot and know how to make a statement. Rihanna found comfort in Perry during her breakup with Chris Brown after news broke of the abuse. The two have gone on vacations together and attended many events including Paris Fashion Week. We all know that Perry isn't quiet, but I sort of thought that Rihanna was pretty mild. I think this is a great pair though, Rihanna needs some fun in her life after her terrible relationship with Chris Brown.




Jake Gyllenhall and Adam Lambert

Unlikely duo Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Lambert met while guests on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week. Gyllenhaal later tweeted from @JBGyllenhaal Having a great time with @adamlambert in the Jonathan Ross greenroom. Hmm... flamboyant meets clean cut. Maybe Gyllenhaal is getting in touch with his Brokeback Mountain character. He is quite popular with the gay community being ranked #2 in the Gay Wired Magazine poll of male actors that have played gay characters.



Paris Hilton and Snooki

Another shocking pair, Paris Hilton and Snooki from the "Jersey Shore" have been seen everywhere recently and are all over Snooki's Twitter account. What could they possibly have in common? It's like trashy meets high class. It all started when Paris gave Snooki advice about how to make it in Hollywood. I can only imagine what she told her. Probably something like...

1. Create your own saying like, "That's hot"

2. Act as dumb as you can

3. Wear as skimpy of clothing as you can and get a weekly spray tan


John Krasinski and Terry Richardson

John Krasinski from The Office and fashion photographer Terry Richardson have recently been seen partying together. This pair looks like a lot of fun. They were spotted last week at the Greenwich Hotel goofing around and eating dessert together. They were also seen last month with Emily Blunt (Krasinski's fiance) at The Jane relieving some wedding stress. This isn't much of a surprise to those that know Richardson, as he has many celebrity friends. These two remind me of a couple of college boys having "boys night" out on the town. Krasinski is like the class clown and Richardson encourages him.


[Photos by Dave Allocca, Star Traks Photo, pop on the pop, Adam Lambert's Blog, Photo Agency for, Terry Richardson]