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Quotes by Bryan Boy

So who is Bryanboy?
Check out some quotes from Bryanboy below. For more information, go to his website. On 'who is Bryanboy?'
"Bryanboy is… Bryanboy! I’m the gayest gay that ever walked this planet. I am so gay that I even sweat glitter. I’m the reason why gay people all over the world have abad reputation… even gay people hate me!"
His pen name
"I prefer to be known only by my first name to protect the harmless and the innocent. Over the years (and I’m only 17 years old), I already brought so much shame to everyone that I know. If I’m gonna make a complete fool out of myself and pretend to be someone that I’m not, especially on a worldwide scale, I might as well keep certain things private."
What makes him tick?
"Weight loss, cheap champagne, well-hung Scandinavians, Swedish denim, and of course, hallucinating in broad daylight."
[Manila Bulletin] Male celebrity needing a touch of androgyny?
“That boy from ‘Twilight.’”
His fashion philosophy:
“Gender is irrelevant whenever I admire something. I like what I like and if I can afford something, I buy it.”
[NYTimes] [Bryanboy via]
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