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Azealia, Nicki Minaj, MIA

Nicki Minaj + M.I.A= Azealia Banks
- Because of Azealia's intricate and reggae-beat rhyme schemes and fast-paced style, she's been called the next Nicki Minaj. Similarly, she also has an array of voices and a wide vocal range. - Due to the controversial content in Azealia's songs, having a foul mouth and vulgar sexual references, her "bad-assness" has been compared to that of M.I.A's. - With her vulgarity, foul language, and controversy, it's no surprise she's attracted the likes of celebrities like Kanye West. She is now one of the only 5 people Kanye follows on Twitter, even M.I.A, who claims she is the "baddest bitch" couldn't pull that off. Check out her song "212 ft. Lazy Jay" and see for yourself! It's a song with a killer, house-like instrumental. Not exactly sure what she's saying, but she has a few distinct lines you can't miss. It's unbelievably good, guaranteed to be stuck in your head for weeks. [Photo via]

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