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Marc Jacobs defends not paying his models

2. Marc Jacobs defends not paying his models. 17 year old model Hailey Hasbrook from Oregon, reported on her blog that she worked over 30 hours for Marc Jacobs during fashion week without getting paid - in cash, that is. She received compensation for her work, which means, in this case, a bag, dress, jacket and shoes for walking in the show for the designer. The designer defended this practice, tweeting (@MarcJacobsIntl):
"Models are paid in trade [clothes]. If they don't want to work w/ us, they don't have to."
The model later explained on her blog that she actually enjoyed working for Marc Jacobs, and she preferred being paid in trade. She blamed blogs such as Jezebel for twisting her words and making her post come off as though she was slamming the company. [Jezebel] [Photo via]
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