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The story unfolds with this statement from ADR:
“I recently met Lana Del Rey in Milan, and I have been fashinated by her sensual femininity, by her graceful gestures."
Okay, we dig her too. But we're certainly not as "fashinated" with her style. Perhaps the international fashion editor missed the whole LDR rhinestone mom jeans got lost in Talbots moment at Amoeba last week as well as her gold tooth that's been making frequent public appearances. Anna Dello Russo, Lana Del Rey Or maybe not, as she followed that up with what could be interpreted as an allusion to an LDR make-over:
"Then I imagined [Lana del Rey] in some of the most beautiful looks of Spring Couture 2012 showed in Paris."
ADR turned that daydream into a reality, or as close to reality as messing around with Paint can get, on her blog. Cutting the famous cover image of February's Interview magazine featuring Lana and her bee-stung lips, ADR pasted it in place of the heads of the models walking in her personal favorite Spring 2012 couture looks from the Paris runways. From Givenchy to Dior, click through to see the result of ADR's self-professed LDR fashination at work... [photos via and via]
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