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It's that time of the year again, and nothing reminds us of that more than a little song and dance. With the holidays right around the corner, brands are ramping up their efforts to get our attention, and while sometimes that's incentive to tune them out, it also means they're pulling out all the stops to bring us their best offerings. Last night Target did just that, with 'The Toycracker' spectacle at Spring Studios. 

Target has always gone above and beyond when it comes to throwing events, especially this time of the season. But last night they managed to make it a family affair, giving a preview of their new spot on ABC, which is the opener to the network debut of the most popular children's movie of the last decade, Frozen. Ahead of the premiere of 'The Toycracker,' there were a series of elaborate dance routines as parents and children found their seats. Once everyone settled in, the young performers presented a mini-show, which introduced the film. The new 'Toycracker' spot is an 8-minute long musical which delivers a dose of Christmas spirit to the entire family, with its modern take on 'The Nutcracker.' 

This time, Chrissy Teigen takes on the role of the Nutcracker, who is challenged by John Legend's Rat King. But in this modern retelling, the two spar with rap verses surrounded by popular toys like Barbie and Lego Batman, with a child protagonist stepping in to remind them of the holiday spirit they are all meant to uphold. Both Teigen and Legend were on hand for the premiere, alongside friends like Olivia Wilde and Naomi Watts. Following the screening, Teigen and Legend posed for a few pictures, while the stylish crowd headed onto the stage setting which was transformed into an after-party with activities for everyone. The kids posed for pictures on the intricate Rat King cart from the movie, as well as photos with the Target dog Bullseye, and were also treated to a station where they could paint their own cookies using food dye. Parents on the other hand, were welcome to indulge in an open bar with Moscow mules and spiked cider, but most responsibly opted for the bevy of hors d'oeuvres and Black Tap milkshakes instead (leaving the bar for the 20-somethings that were also invited to roam the grounds). It was an entertaining night for everyone involved, and a reminder of why Target events have always been the best way to welcome the season.

Catch the Toycracker during the broadcast of Frozen on Sunday December 11th, on ABC.

[Photo by Neil Rasmus/BFA.com]

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<![CDATA[Pantone's 2017 Color Of The Year Was Inspired By Your Favorite Meme ]]>

Or, at least we think so. Every year Pantone releases a worldwide statement solidifying the upcoming "It Color" of the next 12 months. Last year they were impressively on the ball, predicting the rise of Millennial Pink (although they called it Rose Quartz). With 2017 looming on the horizon, a new presidency taking effect, and quite literally a world of potential problems, the year is going to be just as easy as, well, being green. Which of course brings us to Pantone's latest pick: Greenery. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Color Institute, "Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose."

Sure we can dig all that feel-good stuff, but since the Pantone Color of the Year is meant to be "a snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude," let's just call this color what it is: Kermit Green. 

Everyone's favorite flail-armed muppet is, after all, having a moment of resurgence. First, it was him sipping tea. Now, it's evil, dark jedi type Kermit confronting himself. While Pantone may push this color upon us as a source of "new beginnings," we all know that it's inspired by the internet's best meme star. But that's none of my business, tho. 

[Photo via @mimivelarde]

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<![CDATA[Julia Restoin Roitfeld & Grey Goose Preview Their Holiday Pop-Up, Le Marché Bleu]]>

One of the best parts of the holiday season for New Yorkers is the pop-ups; unique, on-off shops that merge the best of fashion, design, and holiday cheer. This season there are plenty to look forward to, but one of the most exciting is one that won't last long, operating for only 2 days this weekend. It's called Le Marché Bleu and Grey Goose is hosting it, decking out a Soho space with decor in their signature blue, a couple of cocktail bars to make the shopping experience better, and of course bottles of their VX variant on sale alongside a handful of covetable wares. 

That last bit was made easier in part because Julia Restoin Roitfeld was called to curate the offerings, bringing her sense of Parisian style to the pop-up. Select items from brands like Armor Lux and Olympia Le-Tan, along with hard to find delicacies like pistachio nougat from Montelimar and popcorn from Scarlett Johansson's Paris shop are available to customers who want to add a French touch to their holiday shopping. The lucky few who were able to shop the pop-up early were treated to a performance by the Harlem Gospel Choir and a special DJ set by the always-cool St. Vincent, during which she played a bunch of throwback hits. But everyone else still has the weekend to look forward to, when they will be able to come away with some charming French treats for themselves.

Le Marché Bleu is open at 64 Wooster on December 11th and 12th with an RSVP

[Photos by Madison McGaw/BFA.com]

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<![CDATA[Finally, An App For Joining The Mile High Club]]>

Confession time: whenever I slink into an uncomfortable, semi-attached chair at any international airport, I whip out my phone and start swiping on Tinder, half bemusedly, half in the hopes of falling in lust on my flight to wherever and potentially, finally, joining the Mile High Club. It's the last white whale of our hook-up generation, a rendezvous so rare, so fraught with logistics, that one could only fantasize - or throw out a few lazy winky faces before boarding. 

But, thanks to the dawning of the age of dating apps, that's all about to change. AirDates, a new app currently in public beta, promises to connect you with fellow passengers in order to "make new friends and share experiences." Yeah, we know just what kind of experiences they're talking about. It apparently works on airplane mode as long as you have Wifi and Bluetooth switched on, and suggests that it's a great way to stay in touch with your new jet set buddy after you land. Hmm, that part is TBD. Let's meet in the lavatory first. You know, nothing too extreme here.

[Photo via @ohhcouture]

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<![CDATA[An Exclusive Sneak Peek, The Dining Room By Marie Callender's]]>

'Tis the season for entertaining. But alas, in a city such as New York, space is quite hard to come by. And while having a washer and dryer may be the ultimate dream, it's a proper dining room that proves the ultimate luxury. 

This Thursday, we're hosting an exclusive sneak peek of The Dining Room by Marie Callender's, the brand-new, celebrity-designed hotspot New Yorkers can rent to play host, holding holiday parties and hangouts with room enough for all to savor the season. 

Co-designed by Jennie Garth, Stacy London and Daphne Oz, in partnership with Celebrity Event Planner Platinum Events, the new Soho space is more than just a life saver - it's a chic life saver, from Stacy's rich, Moroccan room, to Daphne's bright and airy Californian escape, to Jennie’s warm and cozy room.

Couldn't snag an invite? Get an inside look at the exclusive event by following the hashtags #TheDiningRoom and #SavorTheSeason on Instagram, and don't forget to follow @guestofaguest to join in!

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<![CDATA[Rainbow Christmas Trees Are This Season's Big Trend]]>

Some people like red and green. Some, blue and silver. And we don't even have to mention white and gold. But if you prefer your holiday theme to be a little more technicolor, you're in luck! The newest Christmas tree trend is colorful (but real!) trees. Yep, you heard that right. The classic green pine trees are now being dyed by some farms, like Jack Keilman Trees in Pennsylvania, to make the holiday ever so bright! Click through for a look and you might even consider painting the town...rainbow.

[Photo via @thetiffanypratt]

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<![CDATA[Getting Into The Holiday Groove With Stone Fox Bride's Molly Guy]]>

On her most off of days, Molly Guy is still ten times cooler than you have ever been in your entire life. It's just the truth. Something unfortunate those around her have just learned to deal with. The kind of woman that if she told you she had been a rockstar for a short time in the 90s, or had dated a famous rockstar for a short time in the 90s, you'd believe her, no questions asked.

Since it's very beginning, her "groovy NYC oasis for all things wedding related," Stone Fox Bride has proved the most popular destination for the all-too-cool bride with a devil-may-care attitude towards the whole wedding process - an "anti-bride," if you will. With her husband, two little ones, and a business that seems only to get busier and busier, one has to wonder how even such a chill-vibes lady as Molly keeps her cool in a December sea of holiday madness. Let alone how she manages to pull off bohemian inspired seasonal shindigs of her own.

From her opinion on hostess gifts, to her dream party playlist, all you aspiring cool kids will want to take note. 

For even more entertaining tips and tales brought to you by our friends at The Dining Room by Marie Callender's, click here!

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]

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<![CDATA[Inside Leonardo DiCaprio's Hyper-Healthy Greenwich Village Condo]]>

Oh, Leonarrrrrdo. Earth protector, modelizer, guru of all things green. Would you expect anything less from him than a New York City condo complete with Siberian oak floors "constructed to gently support your posture," air-duct aromatherapy, vitamin C-infused showers, and a circadian lighting system based on optimizing your sleep cycle? Even the kitchen's built-in herbarium and juicing station hardly surprise us. What does though, is the price the Oscar-winner just sold it for. After buying the 3-bedroom unit at 66 East 11th Street in 2014 for $10 million, DiCaprio has reportedly gotten $8 mil to move on, taking a pretty big loss for such an eco-friendly oasis. But don't feel too bad, he's still got four apartments in swanky Battery Park City - and a Victoria's Secret model girlfriend he can cry to about that lost $2,000,000.

[Photos via StreetEasy]

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<![CDATA[Zelda Fitzgerald Is Getting Her Own TV Series Starring Christina Ricci]]>

Do you know those moments when the universe seems to coincide with your soul and everything good and beautiful in the world exists so simultaneously that you almost cry with unadulterated joy? Prepare to have one of those experiences while watching the new trailer for Z: The Beginning of Everything

Christina Ricci, the cult-favorite coolest actress in Hollywood, stars as ultimate bad-girl icon, Zelda Fitzgerald. OG flapper, F. Scott's eternal muse, and gifted writer herself, Zelda was one of the most infamous social butterflies of the era and the just-released trailer for Amazon's upcoming series promises all of that glittering 1920s debauchery we've missed since Baz Luhrmann's 2013 interpretation of The Great Gatsby. It's about time this notorious missus got her time in the spotlight. 

The first episode is available now on Amazon Prime and the rest of the series drops on January 27th. Watch the trailer below and start filling up your flasks.

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<![CDATA[Unique Spots For Every First Tinder Date In NYC]]>

It’s no secret that the dating game is different for millennials. Courting doesn’t exist in our vocabulary, let alone in real life, and no one is getting a meet-cute on the subway. Fact: Tinder and her sister apps have wormed their way into our lives. Even your model girlfriend has an online dating profile. Tinder hook-ups are a part of our routine so let’s not hate them – embrace them. Don’t wait for your date to suggest their local bar for happy hour drinks, take control of your Tinder activities and have fun while you're at it. 

[Photo via @nanysklozet]

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