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What a tax write off that will be... The five-story townhouse of former Bear Stearns Exec Warren Spector is currently on the market for $59.5 million. And while a price tag like that isn't exactly priced to move anytime soon, perhaps the fact that 100% of the profits from the sale will go to charity will help make it a bit more of an interesting investment. Though that's obviously not all you'd be getting.

There's the eight bedrooms, the staff quarters, the temperature-controlled, walk-in wine cellar which can hold up to 2,500 bottles at any time, the chef's kitchen, a music room, a movie theater, home gym, greenhouse, elevator - as you can see, the list goes luxuriously on and on.

While the 11-13 West 10th Street listing doesn't specify exactly which charities will benefit from the sale, we'd reckon a couple of people will be helped out by the transaction.

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<![CDATA[Step Inside Tommy Hilfiger's Surreal, $27.5 Million Miami Mansion]]>

Why spend millions for a mere portrait or two by Andy Warhol when you can purchase an entire house decked out like a piece of pop art? King of Americana, Tommy Hilfiger, has put his colorful (to say the least) South Florida home on the market for $27.5 million - not bad for a mod mansion in Golden Beach. The 7-bedroom, 12-bath estate boasts a distinctly retro, '60s/'70s vibe, with mirrored ceilings, swirled staircases, and even a disco ball bar. Talk about groovy. According to Page Six, everything inside is also available for purchase through The Jills, and yes, that includes the scratch-n-sniff banana wallpaper in the bathrooms.

If anything, this place would be a great crash pad during Art Basel. Imagine!

[Photos via The Jills]

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<![CDATA[A Black Tie Dinner On Horseback? Inside The Iconic Gilded Age Party]]>

Don't you just love rich people? And I'm not talking, the work hard, save wisely, spend liberally rich people. I'm talking the grew up knowing they'd never have to do anything they never wanted to a day in their life, have the bank account to make any insanely silly thing a reality rich people.

C.K.G. Billings - as if the name didn't already drip with dollar signs - grew up in a hyper wealthy Chicago family, a true child of the ultra excessive Gilded Age. With his father's business in the gas light industry, and his involvement in a little up and comer called the Coke Company, C.K.G. spent the latter half of his life making it rain, living out his love of all things equestrian.

And on March 28th, 1903, well let's just say he outdid himself. To celebrate the opening of his new $200,000 trotting stable up near 196th Street (current day Fort Tryon Park), Billings decided to host an intimate little dinner party. On horseback. Such a stir just the whispers of his plan caused, the stress of the media's sure presence caused Billings to switch venues at the last moment.

Not a party of note that decade was thrown without the involvement of Louis Sherry, restaurateur, caterer and hotelier extraordinaire. Sherry, who had planned to cater the event, offered quite the opulent alternative to his anxious client - and so Billings's 36 guests filed into the grand ballroom of Sherry's (think the Polo Bar meets Le Coucou of its day) to find a floor covered with turf,  walls decorated with woodland scenes, and a horse saddled up for each of them, complete with attached trays and saddlebags filled with iced bottles of champagne which riders could sip through a connected tube. All in all, the evening cost upwards of $50,000. So, you know, just a quarter of the project it was meant to fete.

Oh rich people. They do the darndest things.

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<![CDATA[9 Hot Spots To Party In Brooklyn This Weekend]]>

It's finally the weekend and you want to blow off some steam. But where? Manhattan nightlife has slowly but surely faded into overpriced drinks and underaged kids. If you're not willing to drop hundreds of dollars on bottle service, head into the better borough, a.k.a. Brooklyn. Good music, cool people, and easy access awaits.

[Photo via @houseofyes]

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<![CDATA[The Best Street Style Looks From London Fashion Week AW17]]>

London has always shown a quirky and rebellious side to fashion, but this LFW, it wasn't just the designers who were putting their weirdest foot forward. Bloggers, editors, and the stylish elite broke the mold off the runways and into the streets.

[Photo via @xeniaoverdose]

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<![CDATA[The Best Relationship Advice For Millennials]]>

Being a millennial is a pain in the ass at times; when you think about student loan debt, job employment and the future of social security that pain probably gets a bit more excruciating. Add dating to the mix and shit gets real. Dating may not be the same as it was for our parents, but some rules are tried and true while others need a modern twist. Here's a list of dating advice to help the Generation Y-ers navigate the dating pool.

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[3 Aphrodisiac Dishes Sure To Seduce Anyone]]>

If you're not currently on the springtime breakup train, and instead trying to lock down that ever-elusive "relationship," take your grandmother's words as law: the best way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. 

Thanks to Chef Stephanie Nass, you don't have to be on some naughty version of Top Chef in order to whip up some aphrodisiac dishes that are sure to seduce just about anybody. Truffle pasta? Oysters? Chocolate-dipped strawberries? They're all almost sinfully simple. 

Click through for her sexiest recipes and stop by Bloomingdales on Thursday from 6 to 8 pm to learn how to make them IRL! 

[Photo via @andiewoohoo]

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<![CDATA[Coffee Butter: The New Spread That Will Change Your Life]]>

Move over Nutella! From the country that brought us Hello Kitty comes perhaps the biggest game changer your morning, afternoon, and even evening could ever see - coffee butter. Would a butter by any other name taste as sweet?

Produced by a popular Japanese coffee brand, “Snow Brand Coffee Soft” is so going to be the country's number one export moving forward. Slap a dollop on toast, croissants, pancakes, honestly, the list of amazing, diet killing possibilities goes on and on.

Sadly, you won't see any tubs of this magic spread on the shelves in the US anytime soon. However, God knows the internet and international shipping were created for exact situations like this. So get that Google Alert in place and ready yourself to start scouring for where to purchase when it debuts on March 1st.

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<![CDATA[The Bliss Point: A Secret Way To Get Any Guy Hooked On You]]>

Some of the first seductresses, the Sirens from Homer's Odyssey, lured sailors to their deaths with the sound of their sweet music. The lonely sailors were captivated by the women and couldn't get enough, to say the least. Supposed cannibalism to the side, these sirens knew what to say to appeal to the mariners that approached their island. With guidance from Cosmopolitan's resident Advice Columnist, Matthew Hussey, you too can learn just what to say to get the guy hooked! Behold: The Bliss Point.

[Photo via @garypeppergirl]

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<![CDATA[National Margarita Day 2017: Where To Drink In NYC]]>

Want to escape to a tropical paradise even though you’re still stuck in the cold? Well now you can feel like you’re in a sexy bikini on the beach when you take a sip of the city's hottest margs this National Margarita Day!

[Photo via @tlrbrt]

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