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As any party person in New York will tell you, there are plenty of hoops to jump through when it comes to attending events hosted by mere B-list celebrities. So you could imagine just how difficult it was for attendees of last night's super exclusive listening party for Nas's new album to simply breathe the same air as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The power couple kept the details top secret, and even those who somehow got confirmed were sent to pickup points rather than the actual site of the bash. According to one of our sources (hi, @nydoorman!), shuttles never arrived at the allocated spots, and everyone waiting there was told to go home.

But true insiders know better. It was time to get resourceful.

After scouring Twitter for the exact location, a horde of hip hop superfans ordered Ubers and raced their way to the Queensboro bridge, where, in a lot under lock down by the NYPD, Kim, Kanye, Nas, La La and more were letting loose to the tunes of the new Yeezy-produced album. Kim K. & Ko. (Jonathan Cheban and La La Anthony) even hopped onto the back of an ARMY truck for an impromptu photo shoot, as one does.

But even then, gaining access was no easy task. PR people had been replaced with straight-up police officers, and there was no longer a list to check names off of. Thankfully, our insider happened to bump into Chris Rock on his way out, who, very graciously, gave him his VIP pass. Again, as one does.

These were the Insta stories that followed:

[Photos via @kimkardashian, @nydoorman]

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<![CDATA[The Hamptons Is Getting Its First Completely Vegan Eatery!]]>

Make Vegan Great Again.

If there's one thing we know, it's that a majority of those who flock to the Hamptons treasure their healthy lifestyle (after all, they're willing to pay $3000 just to secure a spot at their favorite fitness studio). 

And while there are certainly plenty of suitable options for the health-conscious out East (hi, Joni's!) the Hamptons is finally getting a 100%, totally vegan café. The Plant Based Coffee Shop, set to open this June, is the brainchild of Marley and Lennon Ficalora, two vegetarian-raised brothers who set out to create an establishment which would "make healthy plant-based food affordable and accessible to everyone."

So, for those who want to maintain their Gwyneth-approved lifestyle (or just try it out), this café is the best thing to hit the East End since the SoulCycle BARN.

The Plant Based Coffee shop will feature cafe staples such as wraps and bowls, along with cold brew and kombucha on tap. It will be open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Stay tuned!

Plant Based Coffee Shop, 2487 Main Street, Bridgehampton

[Photo via @hannah__chia]

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<![CDATA[5 Events You Can't Miss This Weekend In NYC]]>

Ready for a hot and sunny weekend? It'll FINALLY feel like summer, so don't spend it indoors! We've created a guide to get you out of the house and ready to enjoy the weather. From the Jazz Age Lawn Party to Father's Day celebrations, click through to see what we have planned for you.

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<![CDATA[The Best Places To Party In The Hamptons]]>

A lot of things happen behind closed doors in the Hamptons. Or, should we say, behind gated, well manicured hedges. Private parties and invite only shindigs are a majority of the weekend scene, it's true. But there are still plenty of spots sans guest list to let your social self loose. 

From daytime pool parties, to sunset concerts, and just very well stocked bars, commit these places to memory this summer for a good time out East!

[Photo via @ruschmeyers]

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<![CDATA[The Hamptons Weekend Party Guide]]>

As the weekend looms closer we are gearing up to head out East! From a FIFA World Cup viewing party at Navy Beach to a Bishop Briggs concert at Surf Lodge, click through to see all the weekend festivities that cannot be missed. 

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[Photo via @navybeachmontauk]

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<![CDATA[There's A Canned Rosé You Can Buy Via Venmo & It's A Game Changer]]>

Sip sip, hooray! There’s a new drink in town with a whole new purchasing power behind it. And it comes just in time for the summer season. Anyday Rosé is now offering wine connoisseurs the option to purchase the precious pale hues of pink summer water (or in this case, cider) through Venmo. Yes way rosé you heard that right, Venmo

Former NFL player Pat McAfee and former Barstool Sports advertising director Louis Roberts teamed up with winemakers Andrew Jones of Tin City Cider and Michael Zinke of Zinke Wines to make their own version of Rosé cider. Rosé clearly rules the world. And now that AnyDay Rosé allows you to purchase the stuff with a simple tap on your phone, there's no excuse not to sip your summer days away.

The 375-milliliter cans come in packs of 8, 24, 96, and 365. The brand points out the meaning behind that massive order is "one for each day of the year." Or, you know, a giant rager.

The packs retail for $32, $84, $312, and $1,200, respectively. If you choose to purchase the 365-pack, you'll be paying a small amount of $3.29 per can. Plus, the cans are designed with the intention to appeal to both men (yes way brosé) and women.

With the summer season in full swing, orders are bound to fizz up, so I’d buy this, stat.

[Photo via @anyday_rose]

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<![CDATA[Where To Watch The 2018 FIFA World Cup In NYC]]>

It's World Cup season and every soccer fan knows there is no better way to show your love for your favorite team than by pounding beers while screaming your head off. Whether you are a die hard sports fan, or are just looking for an excuse to drink, you're bound to have a great time at these bars and special viewing parties.

[Photo via @clintonhallny]

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<![CDATA[A Rosé MANSION Is Opening In NYC This Summer!]]>

Don't have a Hamptons estate (or share house) to bust out the rosé pool floats this summer? Not to worry! New Yorkers can pop bottles and enjoy the rose-colored high life at a brand new mansion dedicated entirely to rosé. Yes, we said mansion.

Opening Thursday July 12th in Midtown, this wine-themed interactive pop-up will boast 14 boozy rooms full of Instagram opportunities (bathtub full of roses, anyone?), educational experiences, and, of course, plenty of free sips and samples. There will even be a blending lab, where guests can mix their own custom rosé creations - because anyone could be a vintner if they're drunk enough.

The mansion is the brainchild of vino pros Morgan First and Tyler Balliet, who have been producing pop-up wine-tasting events for more than a decade. The duo co-founded Second Glass in 2008, which became one of the country's biggest wine experiences for millennials. Sounds like they know what they're doing, even after a glass or two.

From now until June 17, tickets will be available at the matinee price of $35. Starting June 18, ticket pricing will depend on your preferred visiting time:

-$35: visits on Monday—Thursday before 4:30pm
-$45: visits on Monday—Thursday after 4:30pm, and anytime Friday—Sunday

Although it's set to remain open through October 7th, we'd suggest you get tickets ASAP - especially if you plan to rosé all day.

[Photo courtesy Rosé Mansion]

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<![CDATA[NYC Summer Date Ideas For Every Night Of The Week]]>

We know planning a date in New York can be challenging, especially with so many great places to choose from. So we've done the work for you. Click through for our top spots to amp up the fun and romance every night of the week!

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[Photo via @masedimburgo]

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<![CDATA[The 25 Most Instagrammable Outdoor Bars In NYC]]>

When the days are warm and the nights are breezy, there's no excuse not to take your boozin' outside. With so many photogenic options across the city, al fresco shots of you and your crew are about to take over your Insta feed. From artsy patios to rooftops with sweeping views, click through for the must-drink-at bars of the season!

[Photo via @mattlummus]

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