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Sticking to a new diet or nutrition plan can be challenging. And if your New Year's resolution included improving your diet, you're probably missing a few of your favorite foods right about now.

But eating healthy doesn't have to be about cutting out everything you love. Even the top trainers — who make a living by being in shape — occasionally indulge in their favorite cheat meals.

We talked with four fitness influencers who work hard in the gym, but also splurge on nachos, pizza, and buttercream frosting.

Words by Sara Lindberg at Insider

[Photo via @thewellnecessities]

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<![CDATA[Kim Kardashian Has Revealed Her New Baby's Name!]]>

With North and Saint already in the books, fans (and non-fans) have been waiting with bated breath for the reveal of Kim and Kanye's new daughter's name ever since she was born via surrogate earlier this week. Some people were also speculating that Kim was dropping hints on social media due to her recent postings about Louis Vuitton. Louis West? For a girl? Could be chic.

Today, however, we finally got what we asked for - and we can't say we're disappointed.

Drum roll...

Chicago West!

[Photo via @kimkardashian]

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<![CDATA[CBD Oil Is Basically A Superfood Now]]>

Healthy hippies the world over have been declaring the health benefits of marijuana for decades. Turns out they were right. Now that more and more states in the U.S. are rallying behind legalization, Reefer Madness is back, but in a very Goop-approved way.

While the typical stoner stereotype depicts a lazy bro with a salty case of the munchies, fit chicks (including Gwyneth) endorse a cannabis-sourced superfood that can enhance everything from food, to smoothies, to cocktails. Enter CBD Oil, an extract of the naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) compound found in marijuana. You're probably already familiar with its counterpart, THC, the ingredient that causes you to feel euphoric (a.k.a. high).

Unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect (meaning it won't make you giggle uncontrollably and contemplate the unknown for two hours). Rather, its benefits are mostly physical, promoting natural pain relief and healthy sleep cycles, as well as combating inflammation, anxiety, and other disorders. No wonder the wellness crowd loves the stuff.

In L.A., vegan Mexican hot spot Gracias Madre is serving up CBD-spiked cocktails. In Queens, New York, there's a coffee shop dedicated to CBD brews. Hell, some dedicated gurus are even using it to make salad dressing!

Since it's technically not illegal, why wouldn't you add it to your daily regimen? Wake up, CBD, SoulCycle, CBD, Sweetgreen, CBD...you get the idea.

If you're looking for a product to start with, we'd suggest The Daily Hit, an adaptogen-laced (this is a good thing) oil with a major focus on wellness. There are also capsules available online, which truly give new meaning to the term "take a chill pill."

[Photo via @hempsleyhealth]

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<![CDATA[Inside The Fabulous Life Of Bill Gates's Rich, Equestrian Daughter]]>

When you think wealthy, well-bred, society scions, chances are you have an oil (or hotel) (or Hilfiger) heiress in mind. Blue blooded, Upper East Side types. The Gateses? Not so much. But while the famously philanthropic Bill and Melinda have done much to improve the world while keeping their personal lives private, they still boast one of the biggest fortunes in America - meaning their kids have no trouble leading the high life.

Until now, their eldest daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates, has had a...strange online presence. For years, people have mistaken her (oddly enough) for She's All That actress Rachael Leigh Cook. Seriously, even Google is still fooled.

The real Jennifer, a 21-year-old show jumper recognized by the The United States Equestrian Federation, can now be fully recognized as herself thanks, of course, to her Instagram account (which has recently garnered some attention). From exotic trips with her very handsome boyfriend to shots of her skydiving or on horseback, the Microsoft heiress shares snaps of her fabulous life, while remaining decidedly anti-socialite. Respect.

Doesn't change the fact that she's young, gorgeous, and filthy rich. Take a peek!

[Photos via @jenniferkgates]

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<![CDATA[We Played 'Would You Rather?' With Corinne Olympios]]>

Everyone's heard of Corinne. Even if you don't watch The Bachelor, you've heard of Corinne. Every reality show has the villain, the wild child, the femme fatale, yet no one can quite peg her for any quintessential reality show archetype. People have also tried to pigeonhole her as the "female Chad Johnson" or the "new Stassi Schroeder." This hardly is the case because unlike Chad, Corinne would never slide into my DMs to hit on me only to block me when she realizes I'm not interested (hey Chad, people never forget) and unlike Stassi, Corinne's not capable of murder. But at least she's not described as the "new Courtney Robertson" or the "female James Kennedy," right? Because she's not a sociopath, and even Taylor obsessively and irresponsibly psychoanalyzing her could never draw such a radical conclusion.

So if we can't compare her to other reality stars or classify her as a common reality show archtype, how does one describe the phenomenon that is Corinne Olympios? Well, maybe it's best to compare her to her one true love through her time on The Bachelor: alcohol. Much like the champagne she was often seen swilling, Corinne is both sparkling and effervescent. And much like the shots of tequila she would throw back, she is bold and sharp. But unlike a night spent double-fisting Chandon and Patron, Corinne is hard to forget.

She's so much more than just a good time whose every ridiculous facial expression or outrageous quote is just a meme waiting to happen. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with on camera as a reality show riotmaker, but off camera as a businesswoman as well. Even keeled, earnest, and self-possessed, it's easy to see how she ran a multi-million dollar company by her mid-twenties.

We met up with Corinne over pizza at Old Rose in NYC to discuss her upcoming projects and, obviously, have some fun. With a brand new podcast called So Random, several television projects in the works, a clothing line, and a book coming out, it's clear that Corinne is well on her way to creating her own empire. We can't wait to see what she comes out with next, although it'll be hard to predict because when has Corinne ever been predictable? Just take a look at some of these "Would You Rather" answers!

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo Photography]

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<![CDATA[Justin Timberlake Hosted An Exclusive Listening Party With Your Favorite 'Stranger Things' Star]]>

American Express partnered with global superstar – and forever our N*SYNC heartthrob -- Justin Timberlake, for an unprecedented, experiential listening party for his highly anticipated fifth studio album, Man Of The Woods. New York City’s Skylight Clarkson Square (the fashion week hub) was transformed into a moody forest setting to keep in line with the album’s theme, which Justin claims is inspired by his son's name, Silas. Phones were confiscated at the door, which truly felt like a painful social experiment, but it allowed JT and wifey Jessica Biel to comfortably mingle with guests. Sadly, no one got their selfie with the "SexyBack" pop star (save for everyone's favorite Stranger Things kid, Gaten Matarazzo!).

Catering was provided by world-class restaurant, Noma, serving quirky gastronomic bites like ants with black garlic and rose oil, and grasshopper filled aebleskiver. Serious "man of the woods" vibes. Over the course of the two day listening party, notable guests included Jessica Biel, Dianna Agron (Glee), Charlamagne Da Alexandra & Theodora Richards, Garrett Hedlund (Netflix’s Mudbound), Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things), Zosia Mamet (HBO’s Girls), and models Delilah Belle and Bonner Bolton. Click through to see photos!

[Photos courtesy Getty for American Express]

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<![CDATA[Bruce Willis's $17.75 Million Manhattan Duplex Is STUNNING]]>

Bruce Willis, star of everyone's favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard, and the former Mr. Demi Moore, lives life more luxuriously than his "action dad" persona would lead you to believe. Seriously, just take a look at his (surprisingly chic) Manhattan apartment at 271 Central Park West.

Just three years after purchasing it with his wife Emma Heming, the actor has put the residence up for sale at $17.75 million. A duplex with six bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and expansive views of the park, the place is definitely worth it. The space features large-scale windows, a library, and, perhaps the most coveted amenity of all in New York, an in-unit laundry room. Swoon.

So why's he giving it all up? According to his broker, Willis and his family are just too busy to spend much time in the city. What a shame. Here's hoping the apartment's next owner never needs to leave the place.

Click through for an inside look!

[Photos via Street Easy]

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<![CDATA[Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell Reunite On The Catwalk For Louis Vuitton]]>

Yesterday it was announced that Kim Jones, the creative director behind Louis Vuitton's menswear collection, would be leaving the brand after seven years.

Today, he made sure to go out with a bang.

At his last runway show for the French house, presented today in Paris, Jones tapped two special guests to hijack the catwalk from the boys - none other than Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, reuniting on the runway for the first time in years. Needless to say, the dynamic duo (decked out in LV monogrammed trenches, natch) were a welcome surprise, and certainly an iconic end to the designer's era.

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[The Most Instagrammable Spots In The West Village]]>

Fighting off the skyscrapers and condominium giants ravaging the rest of the city, the West Village is a sacred relic for New Yorkers looking to slow down, reminisce, and of course, stop to take a good 'gram. From the quaint townhouses to the eclectic coffee shops of yesteryear (and, let's be honest, this year), this downtown hood is full of surprises worth hashtagging.

[Photo via @tom.white]

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<![CDATA[A New Yorker’s Guide To Paris: 2018 Edition]]>

In preparation for my holidays spent in Paris, I did my best to gather as much intel as possible. With a 10-day trip approaching, I collected recommendations from Parisian friends, extensive dining guides, and of course my go-to travel companion, goop. I assembled the itinerary from afar and seriously enjoyed the process. There was a strong group focus on food, so I felt the pressure to seek tried and true dining experiences with a few 'hot spots' in between. Ultimately, our week-long excursion was one for the books and I’d love to pass along the recommendations I’ve gathered along the way.

Please note this guide exclusively focuses on dining, drinks, and hotels; I felt the sights were pretty self explanatory… Eiffel Tower, Louvre, you get it.

[Photo via @journeyintolavillelumiere]

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