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Believe it or not, a weekend trip to the East End doesn't require a pool party or a Real Housewives-filled garden benefit. True insiders know that the Hamptons is even better after Labor Day. While many summertime hot spots retreat for the season, plenty of quality eateries still serve up seafood and more all through autumn.

[Photo via @tuttoilgiorno]

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<![CDATA[Inside The Grand Opening Of "Reservoir At The Shop"]]>

Last night in Culver City, Reservoir, L.A.'s premier women's retailer, along with Opening Ceremony, celebrated the grand opening of "Reservoir At The Shop," a unique 7,000 square foot partnership between Reservoir, Tom Dixon, and Hayden, a newly opened all-day neighborhood café and wine bar.

The unique shared-space environment within Platform features over 100 brands including: Edie Parker, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Opening Ceremony, Sidney Garber, Zimmerman, Linda Farrow, Derek Lam, See By Chloe, and more.

Stylish attendees enjoyed drinks and bites by Hayden, taking in the new collection by Opening Ceremony as well as Reservoir's in-store installation with socially conscious and universally flattering sunglasses company Westward Leaning.

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<![CDATA[Kids Discussing New York Vs. LA Will Make Your Day]]>

Jimmy Kimmel is just finishing up his annual week-long trip to Brooklyn, taping his show over at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. A born and raised East Coaster turned West Coaster, Kimmel took to the streets to settle the eternal feud. A tale of two cities, as told by city kids. And God, it does not freakin' disappoint.

All biases aside, we think you'll agree New York wins, hands down.

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<![CDATA[A $125 Million Private Island Owned By J.P. Morgan's Grandson Is Now For Sale]]>

Why buy the most expensive home in the Hamptons when you can get an entire island off the North Shore for less?

Behold Dosoris Island, a lush hideaway originally owned by legendary banker J.P. Morgan's grandson, Junius Morgan. For the third time in its 100-year history, the 46-acre compound is up for sale. And with its six homes, horse stables, and private dock, $125 million sounds like quite the steal.

Although the stunning grounds designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (you know, the landscaper who helped create Central Park?) are a breathtaking addition, the island's main attraction is most definitely the Manor House. Built by the Morgan scion in 1919, it's a Gatsby-esque throwback to the past with excellently preserved interiors. Stately mahogany and marble accents, nine bedrooms, and a dining room that seats 100 - what more can a socialite ask for?

Besides the Manor, the property hosts the Creek House, the Pond House, and three cottages. After the tragic assassination of JFK, Jackie Kennedy rented one of the homes on the island for a much-needed summertime escape.

The land has since been owned by coal magnate John Samuels and well-to-do socialite Margo Walker. Are you next?

[Photos via Sotheby's International Realty]

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<![CDATA[Inside Rapper Gucci Mane's $1.7 Million, Diamond-Filled Wedding]]>

When your rap name's Gucci, you'd better have a fancy ass wedding. Rapper Gucci Mane (Radric Delantic Davis) married long time lover and beauty/fitness entrepreneur Keyshia Ka'oir on October 17th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, and the all-white affair did not disappoint. Featuring all diamond everything (including the bride's bouquet), the ceremony reportedly cost around $1.7 million. To say that it was #lit is an understatement.

[Photo via @keyshiakaoir]

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<![CDATA[Halloween 2017: The Official NYC Party Guide]]>

Calling all party ghouls and nightlife vampires! Everyone's favorite haunted holiday is upon us, and, as usual, the city is gearing up with an entire Halloweekend of creepy bashes. From freakshows to blood balls, click through for New York's most devilish events.

[Photo via @greatgatsbyparty]

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<![CDATA[10 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram Stories]]>

Snapchat is dead. That much is clear. And while your polished Instagram profile sits perfectly cropped, filtered, and fixed, your Instagram Story is a bloody mess - let's be real.

Whether you're an "influencer," or just a regular, unverified account of a person, heed these warnings.

[Photo via @sistinestallone]

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<![CDATA[Union & Fifth: 6 Designer Pieces To Buy (For A Cause!)]]>

Do you ever look in your closet and feel like you have everything and yet nothing to wear? And the idea of schlepping loads of items to Goodwill, where you're not really sure that your grandmother's vintage Chanel will be appreciated, feels like a crime? Enter Union & Fifth, an online shopping platform and pop-up shop offering a way to clean out your closet while raising money for a cause of your choosing. Sound perfect? We agree.

Click through for everything you need to know about the designer site using fashion as a force for good, and check out a few fall staples you can buy now - without feeling guilty.

[Photos via Union & Fifth]

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<![CDATA[St. Vincent's "The House of Peroni" Debuts In Los Angeles]]>

A mix of creative industry influencers gathered last night to celebrate The House of Peroni, a showcase curated and designed by Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, St. Vincent. Held at Los Angeles’s contemporary 101/EXHIBIT, the pop-up celebrates and spotlights movers and shakers in the realms of fashion, art, film and culture.

Guests had the opportunity to get lost in a space designed after Italy's eccentric 'Memphis' design as they enjoyed installations from poet and artist Robert Montgomery, set designer Lauren Machen and milliner Brandon M. Franklin. Attendees sipped Peroni infused cocktails and enjoyed bites from Los Angeles culinary institution, Winsome while enjoying performances by Deep Valley and DJ Little Boots.

Notable guests included Rosario Dawson, Millie Brown, Gary Baseman, Brandon Boyd, BJ Pandabear, Chelsea Talmadge, Tom Choi, Lindsey Troy, Julie Edwards, Tallulah Adeyemi, Ariana Madix

Click through for an inside look, and go HERE for more photos by Liliane Lathan and tag yourself and your friends!

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<![CDATA[Stephanie (Madoff) Mack: The Best Friend You Didn't Know You Needed]]>

In a recent NY Times profile, a newspaper-selling name of days past returned to the very pages that, not too long ago, seemed to specialize in scorning her and her brood. Back and better than ever though appears the widowed daughter-in-law of famed Ponzi scheme artist Bernie Madoff, Stephanie Madoff. 

Answering these days to Stephanie Mack, while the petite pretty blonde may have dropped her controversial last name - creating her own based off of the airport code for her former summer spot, Nantucket - none can accuse her of hiding her former life.

Following the headlines, the lawsuits, the FBI visits, tragic suicide of her husband Mark, and downsizing after downsizing, the mother of two is head above water, happy in life, and business. At $200 an hour, with a three-hour minimum, Miss Mack will guide you through shop racks and boutique floors, finding the pieces that speak most not only to your personal style, but your personal happiness.

“Do you feel comfortable in it? Does it feel special enough? Do you feel amazing?,” she'll poke. All the questions a best friend would pose as you enter out into that all too vulnerable territory that is the two steps just outside a dressing room. 

A former assistant to Narciso Rodriguez, Stephanie's past fashion experience and intuitive knack for dressing women have served her well in this latest business venture. But in a city where for every woman searching for help in stocking her closet, there is an eager stylist ready to wiggle her way into their checkbook, what's set Stephanie apart?

Well, to her clients, her services extend meaningfully beyond answering the eternal question of which shoes go with that top.

Spend enough time with anyone in front of a mirror, and you'll learn not only about how much they hate their ass in every pair of jeans ever, but about all of the crazy details and dynamics of their lives.

Going through a divorce? Just experience a loss? Family skeletons falling out of the closet left and right? “I learned very quickly that everyone has a story, and a bad story,” Stephanie recounted to the Times.

And really, who better to sit and listen to your silly or not so silly struggle of the day than a woman who has quite publicly been through it all, and has somehow, miraculously, found her way to fine, all the while staying styled to a T? 

[Photo via @steph_mack]

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