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It only makes sense that the son of the Patron Saint of Prep would find himself shacking up on the Upper East Side - in an apartment that overlooks the Met, no less.

Andrew Lauren, who's carved out his own successful career as a film producer, has just purchased a massive spread on Fifth Avenue for a whopping $21 million. He'll be the third resident to ever occupy the 5000-square-foot space, having purchased it from legendary socialite, business woman, and political fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher, who owned the property for 25 years. Known for her lavish parties hosting world leaders and A-listers, Mosbacher had entertained everyone from King Juan Carlos I of Spain to Tom Hanks and Donald Trump inside the opulent home.

Boasting three bedrooms, four and a half baths, a private elevator landing, marble fireplaces, gilded ceilings, a library, and a formal dining room that could comfortably seat 18, the apartment at 1020 Fifth was certainly made for a member of an American dynasty. However, we'd suggest a visit to Ralph Lauren Home, if only to tone the place down a bit.

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[Photos via Trulia/Brown Harris Stevens]

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<![CDATA[5 Events You Can't Miss This Weekend In NYC]]>

Sitting at your desk planning for the weekend? So are we. From New Yorkers for Children's Annual Gala to the end of the stunning Cherry Blossom Festival, click through for a peek at where we're headed this weekend... 

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<![CDATA[The Most Low-Key Extravagant Things You Can Do In New York]]>

After years of living in New York, we have become accustomed to simple luxuries that are uniquely relevant to living here. With 10-hour work days, bustling social calendars, and little to no patience for anything, sometimes you've just got to say "What the hell?" when it comes to the little things that make life easier - and far more luxurious.

[Photo via @thelsd]

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<![CDATA[Sip Unlimited Tequila At The New York Taco Takeover ]]>

Cannonball Productions is bringing Taco Takeover back to NYC for the second annual celebration of the best things in life: tacos, tequila, and beer. That’s right: attendees are invited to sample original tacos and Mexican-inspired dishes from the best local chefs at Brooklyn Expo Center on Saturday, May 12, 2018. From margaritas to palomas, unlimited tequila cocktails and beer will ensure that even the spiciest of tacos go down smooth. In between bites and sips, guests can compete in a pinata hitting contest, show off their limbo and hula hooping skills, bob for churros, and more. 

Last year, the restaurant lineup included local favorites like Oaxaca Taqueria, Mexico Lindo, and Maya. This year’s selection includes Zengo, Dos Caminos, and Midnights, with more to be announced soon. A panel of food critics will award the best taco creations on site.

Guests can choose from three 2.5-hour sessions over the course of the day. Starting at $49 but subject to change, General Admission tickets include unlimited access to cocktails and beer, plus four taco tokens redeemable for any $3 taco or dish. Early Access tickets start at $59 and VIP tickets start at $79, guaranteeing guests half-hour early entry, exclusive neat liquor tastings, and two additional taco tokens. All tickets include a souvenir tasting glass. 

When: Sat, May 12, 2018, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM EDT

Where: Brooklyn EXPO Center 72 Noble Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

Get 15% off tickets with code GUEST. Click HERE to buy.

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<![CDATA[A Book Lover’s Boozy Guide To NYC ]]>

A good book will transport you. A good book paired with a cocktail? The adventure knows no bounds! That’s why we came up with the perfect boozy tour for avid bookworms and alcohol enthusiasts. And who knows, maybe a cocktail or two at these top spots will have you writing the next bestseller. Crazier things have certainly happened, especially at some of these literary haunts.

[Photo via Facebook]

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<![CDATA[Kanye West's Best Twitter Tips]]>

We have to admit, we've missed Kanye's social media presence. Save for that epic Valentine's Day spam sesh on Instagram, dude's been a little quiet lately. Well, until last week. (Be careful what you wish for, folks.)

Between seemingly random non sequiturs, vague statements, and platitudes that sound like they could have come straight from a Yeezy-branded fortune cookie, Kanye has returned to take over the Twittersphere. Like a true Gemini, his many and varied thoughts seem a bit scattered, but are attention-grabbing nonetheless. Especially when it comes to today's headline-making statements in support of Donald Trump. Sigh.

But whether you agree with him or not, Ye certainly knows how to utilize his Twitter account. Click through for a few tips straight from the (evil?) genius himself.

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[Inside Katia Francesconi & Erica Pelosini's Dreamy Earth Day Picnic In Beverly Hills]]>

On Earth Day, Katia Francesconi of The Francesconi-Tisch Charitable Fund and friend Erica Pelosini hosted a daytime fete to celebrate Mother Nature with a healthy picnic in Beverly Hills. Guests were treated to a lunch prepared by Chef Shane Fatemian of the Soho House supplemented with food from Katia’s garden, sipped on healthy juices, and enjoyed desserts from Butter Love & Hardwork while popular DJ, Zen Freeman, provided music for the afternoon. 

Designer Lisa Marie Fernandez and Lara Leito, artist and Vogue Russia contributor, were seen rubbing elbows with guests and with friends Katia and Erica during the event. Guests walked away with special treats from Natura Brasil and Nannacay bags at the event, which was designed by Brazilian event planner Clarissa of C Rezende Events.

Click through for an inside look and go HERE for more photos from the event by Katherine Barcsay!

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<![CDATA[Sarah Jessica Parker's New Bridal Collection Is As Chic As You'd Imagine]]>

When you put "Sarah Jessica Parker" and "Bridal" together in a sentence, chances are that amazing photo shoot sequence in the Sex and the City movie comes to mind - one very over-the-top Vivienne Westwood number in particular.

But Carrie Bradshaw and SJP have, in fact, rather different approaches to wedding dressing. The star, who famously wore a black gown to say "I do" to hubby Matthew Broderick, has always opted for chic yet understated - an aesthetic she's applied to her exclusive new bridal collection on Gilt.

Launched this week, the SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Bridal line marks the brand's first foray into wedding ready-to-wear. Needless to say, the looks are as unique as they are effortless. From embroidered, open-front train skirts (practically made to be paired with the sleek SJP jumpsuits), to bow-back frocks, and a show-stopping feather gown, there's something stylish for everyone, whether you're a guest, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself. The best part? The price range. Mix and match pieces from just $295. (Not to mention the shoes.)

Click through for a look at the line, available now at Gilt.com!

[Photos courtesy Gilt]

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<![CDATA[A Museum Of Pizza Is Coming To NYC This Fall]]>

No way - a foodie pop-up made for the 'gram?! Sounds completely different than the Museum of Ice Cream, The Egg House, and the Museum of Candy.

But hey, can't complain about pizza.

The cheesy pop-up, which we hope will be better than last year's notorious #FAIL of a "pizza festival," is hitting the city this October, offering Insta-eaters a chance to experience the world's first and only immersive art experience celebrating New York's favorite hangover bite.

According to #MoPi's website, the "museum" will feature an art gallery, a pizza cave, a pizza funhouse, a pizza beach, games, film screenings, and an interactive history. To answer the question on everyone's mind, though: Yes, there will be pizza available to eat. The event page promises one slice per ticket holder either at or outside of the pop-up. A portion of ticket sales will also go towards free meals for families in need, so at least you'll be hashtagging for a good cause.

Pre-sale tickets are already going fast, so for the love of all things pizza, get 'em ASAP.

[Photo via Facebook]

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<![CDATA[9 Surprising Signs You're In Better Shape Than You Think]]>

If you're working out, drinking water, and eating right (well, most of the time), forget the scale. There are all sorts of ways to measure your fitness and health levels that have nothing to do with how your muscles look or how your pants feel. You might be surprised.

Words by Sara Lindberg at Insider

[Photo via @joja]

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