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Any launch by the legendary Dom Pérignon is an event in itself, but three new vintages in one night? That's a big deal. On Thursday evening, bottles popped and champagne flowed in honor of Dom Pérignon's Vintage Trinity, a selection of Vintage, Rosé, and (the really good stuff) P2. Since the three-at-once was a global first for the brand, it was only fitting to throw a New York City rager worthy of the occasion. Guests across the worlds of fashion, food, art, and nightlife toasted inside Irving Plaza, where thematic rooms took over the senses and reflected the unique expression of each champagne. The evening culminated inside the main ballroom, where burlesque performers with Parisian flair took to the stage (and then some) to titillate, entertain, and most certainly surprise the crowd. Post-performance, the beautiful people remained on the dance floor until the wee hours, and the mood reflected that famous phrase by Dom Pérignon himself, "I am tasting the stars!"

[Photos by Joe Schildhorn/BFA.com]

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<![CDATA[Alexander Wang's New Collaboration...With Condoms]]>

Unless you're stranded in East Bumf*ck, Abbottabad with your head in the sand, you know that Pride Weekend is upon us. From tasting the rainbow to making it into your own catwalk, Pride Weekend is already in full swing and it's not even happy hour on Friday yet! We almost forgot that there's an actual parade involved, and we just found out about a float worth getting excited for!

Our fave designer Alexander Wang has teamed up with Trojan condoms to make a float for the parade this Sunday. The sleek, midnight black float is emblazoned with rainbow Trojan mascot and a slogan that says "Protect Your Wang."  Finally, having a phallic last name is no longer a punchline that would be a hot button topic between him and his shrink, because Alexander Wang is clearly in on the joke. Wang (lol) said of the endeavor, "I felt this partnership with Trojan was a positive way to reinforce the message of inclusion and promote wellness within the LGBTQ community. I feel proud to be able to celebrate our differences and remind everyone to 'Protect Your Wang.'" Studies have indicated that the rate of STDs amongst gay and bisexual men is on the rise, and they're one of the groups that's most at risk.

Talking about STDs is kind of a buzzkill, and there's no way to talk about it without making sex become, ya know, unsexy. We mean, remember how awkward sex-ed was? I don't, because I got sent to the principal's office for asking if you can get high off birth control, so I missed most of it. But leave it to Alexander Wang and Trojan to make sex-ed chic! It certainly doesn't hurt that DJ Jesse Marco will be on board to get the crowd groovin'.

Just because you wanna get rude and nude this weekend doesn't mean that you shouldn't stay safe! #ProtectYourWang

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[The 12 Chicest Summer Destinations In Europe]]>

Forget the typical European towns like Berlin and Madrid. Instead, treat yourself to a trip to some of the most glamorous destinations Europe has to offer, and vacation like a celebrity in hot spots like St. Tropez and Monaco.

Everyone deserves a little luxury, so check out these sophisticated spots that will have you feeling like royalty in no time. This isn't a summer vacation — it's summering.

Words by Ciara Appelbaum at Insider

[Photo via @juliahengel]

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<![CDATA[10 Reasons You Haven't Found Love In NYC]]>

There are over 8 million people in New York. Just about 1 in every 38 people living in the United States, lives in New York City. So really, if you're not finding love here, where exactly do you think you're going to find it?

We snagged some much needed wisdom from the ladies over at private matchmaking service The Bevy, Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis, as to what it is then that you could possibly be doing wrong in a situation that's basically set up to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Needless to say, these two women will have you lucky in love in no time. That is, if you're will to heed their advice!

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[Lady Gaga Went Hiking In Heels In The Hamptons]]>

Heading out East this weekend? Make sure to pack your hiking heels à la Lady Gaga. Since her commitment to fashion seems to override any health concerns regarding a pretty major tick epidemic in the Hamptons this summer, Gaga took to the trails in nude Louboutin pumps, a Rachel Comey skirt, and a crop top alongside her new boyfriend, Christian Carino. Sure, her ankles are exposed AF, but damn does she look glam.

And here we thought Montauk was the "chill" town to be seen in.

[Photo via Twitter/Splash News]

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<![CDATA[Stages Of Your Friday Night, As Told By Sex & The City]]>

From that first $20 cocktail to the Uber ride home, this girl squad is really just like ours. If not a few times more fabulous.

[Photo via Sex and the City]

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<![CDATA[Krave It: NYC's Craziest Pizza Haven?]]>

Let's face it, the food pyramid has forever been changed. Basic food groups such as grains, fruits, and vegetables are no longer at the forefront of our mind when we think about diet. Instead, they've been replaced with Instagrammable food groups such as Goop approved, mythical creatures, and marijuana infused (not that we mind that one).

And for a while there, we loved it. In fact, we still do. But sometimes don't you want to chill out and indulge in junk food? Greasy, deep fried, good old junk food.

Us too, and Krave It in Queens totally gets it. They're not just your run of the mill pizza and sandwich shop. Their menu is a smorgasbord of comfort food all on top of a pizza or tucked away into a sandwich. They don't just use pepperoni, cheese, the occasional controversial pineapple. They will use toppings ranging from mac n' cheese to fried chicken to cheeseburgers, and will drizzle it all in jalapeno ranch and buffalo sauce. Their website touts themselves as a "new-age pizza place," which we can only imagine makes Queen of New Age Culture Gwyneth Paltrow seethe a little bit. But then again, even she would make this place her go-to on her annual cheat day...that is, if she were to ever deign to venture all the way out to Queens.

Check out some of Krave It's mouthwatering delicacies, just try not to drool all over your keyboard.

Krave It, 40-15 Bell Blvd, Bayside

[Photos via @krave_it, @crepesofwrath]

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<![CDATA[Celebrate Pride Week With These Rainbow Treats]]>

Show your support this pride week by eating your way through the rainbow. Check out these local spots for some colorful creations!

[Photo via @poweredbyicecream]

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<![CDATA[New Yorkers, It's Time To Embrace Country Music]]>

Country music has somehow gotten a bad rep in recent years. We know Dan + Shay aren't exactly Dan + Serena, but it truly is the sound of America. New Yorkers love to say that the city is superior to other parts of the country (and it's arguably true!), but a little country never hurt nobody. Sure, there's a formula to many country songs that people make fun of: USA, beer, and a pretty girl. However, immense talent has come out of the Country arena, such as Keith Urban, Zac Brown Band, and Maren Morris. All of these artists have made a name for themselves with powerful lyrics and upbeat tunes. And hey, you can't deny that the genre is catchy AF.

Click through for five reasons even the most snobby New Yorker should start gettin' down with the sound.

[Photo via Getty]

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<![CDATA[10 Must-See Beaches Around The World]]>

Summertime means beach time, but don’t get too comfortable frolicking in your hometown waves. From the Caribbean to Australia, here are some of the most unbelievable beaches around the world. Pack your sunscreen, folks.

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