"Anybody Who's Interested In Solitude Should Really Be Somewhere Else...Yes There's The Beach, But This Is The Hamptons. It's Social Life. You Should Go To Connecticut I Guess If You Want That."

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · August 5, 2009

What Connecticut native who has made a profession as a writer said this about what his idea of Hell is?[Photo via Vanity Fair] While at the Inferno Watermill Center Summer Benefit, the always very inquisitive Plum TV's Nick Leighton was able to grab American Writer and husband to Anne Hearst, Jay McInerney, and ask him a few quesitons about what his idea of Hell is.  McInerney responded to Leighton's question stating that his idea of hell is about solitude and no people. Based on his quote, it seems that McInerney views Connecticut as having more "hell-like" qualities than the Hamptons.