Drying Your Clothes Outside, The Newest "In" Thing To Do

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 30, 2008

Ah the contradictions of the rich! We could write a book on them I'm sure. And, it's always fun to partake in a good bantering over the conundrums regarding the wealthy from time to time. I never could understand the law placed in Southampton banning clothes being hung out on the line to dry. Back in 2002, some homeowners complained that their neighbor's laundry outside made the town look shabby and the ban had been in place ever since (until today).

Two reasons this law was such a contradictory one:

-First: don't the real Hamptonite's STRIVE to make their towns look shabby-chic? Isn't that why we pay $50 for egg white omlets at a coffee shop diner that looks straight out of small town America and line up our Range Rovers and Jags outside vegetable stands so we can feel humble while we by our organic grub?

-Second: Aren't rich people like the DRIVING FORCES (along with the hippie-granolaists) of The Go Green Movement? Shouldn't hanging your clothes outside be like the new "in" thing to do (ala "I'm not a plastic bag" kind?)

I guess things finally clicked at the council meeting. I'm betting that all housekeepers will be REQUIRED to hang out the laundry by the end of the summer. Anybody have any suggestions on where we can buy the latest "must-have" clothes line...hey that's a PROFITABLE item to start marketing. We will be keeping our eyes open...