Shoppers And Fashion Enthusiasts Support Best Buddies At Tory Burch Store

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 28, 2009

[Pictures by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] While a Western theme dinner is a great way to support the Best Buddies philanthropy, for those who were in more of a shopping mode and can't wait to stock their closets with new fall fashions, Tatiana Platt and Amanda Hearst came to the rescue this past Saturday. They hosted an exclusive evening of shopping and cocktails at the East Hampton Tory Burch store with Tory herself for Best Buddies supporters and Tory fans alike. The gathering also offered event-goers the chance to win a trip Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay.

More photos below...

With 20% of all proceeds from the evening benefitting Best Buddies, there's never been a better excuse to load up on Tory Burch's latest gear - or stick around for that extra cocktail. Guests like Chloe Adler, Ryland Hilbert IV, Chappy and Melissa Morris, and Devorah Rose, along with Tatiana's husband, Campion Platt joined the designer for the shopping fete.

Chloe Adler, Andrea Hippeau, Caroline Guthrie

Meena Basharyar, Nick McClish, Megan Ruddy

Tatiana Platt, Campion Platt, Melissa Morris, Chappy Morris

Gretchen Rouillard, Whitney Olive, Susan Dayton

Kendra Seay, Carson Griffith, Ryland Hilbert

Caroline Guthrie, Tory Burch, Francesca Vittoria

Crystal Calkins, Marko Cerenko, Jenna Trueba

Deborah Asseras, Caramel, Melody Asseras

Tory Burch East Hampton