'The Puppy Project' At East Hampton London Jewelers To Benefit ARF

by Annie Rooney · August 23, 2011

Dogs, jewelry and drinks made Friday night a particularly tempting night for many Hamptons women who ventured to the London Jewelers boutique in East Hampton for a different kind of cocktail party. The Udell family's London Jewelers and the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons came together to host The Pet Project, a cocktail party where guests could get a buzz and adopt a puppy. A brilliant strategy that could lead to some big life altering additions. (And was banned in the West Village.)

The jewelery stored welcomed guests to participate in a silent auction, raffles, pet portraits by Ellen Silverberg, and jewelery and puppy shopping. Guests included Dr. Rhonda Parker, the State Chair of AVRAL, a handful of furry friends from the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons and many other invited guests. Representatives from the Animal Rescue Fund were in attendance to conduct the appropriate adoption procedure so guests could leave the event with their new pet.

Jamie Berger, Rhonda Parker, Sara Davidson, Melissa Tiska

Rachel Sumers, Soraya Whelton, Patirica Hurley

Stacie Selfe, Jamie Berger

Pattie Dascenzo, Janine Dascenzo Laura Scott, Morley Quiatroche, Mary Quatroche

Gail Murphy, Diane Schade, Ali Schade, Debra Boulanger

Candi Udell, Mark Udell

Linda Barnds, Doug Brockmeier, Bob Scheonfeld, Charlen Densen

Randy Udell, Scott Udell, Jessica Udell

Jill Miller, Nicole Meyer, Candi Udell, Sue Ellen Paroff, Roberta Rossetti

Julian Kahan, Miah, Lizzy Goldstein, Lacey Lane, Zarah Burstein, Justin Katz

Audra Allen, Alexis Allen

Tina Wayne, Marty Wayne, Daniel Ramos

Sherry Mesh, Dee Broderick, Richard Bronstein, Becky Weinbrg, Christine Weinberg

Laura Krupinski, Charlette Maerov, Tom Finnegan, Yana Ankudinova

Nicole Madsen, Georgina Curatola, Dr. Gerry Curatola

Scott Alper, Randy Udell, Moreau Theodora , Charles Theodora

[All photos via Rob Rich]