Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Adam Bertrand · June 13, 2008

[Image via Newsday]

Remember that tree we posted? Seems that beast was responsible for 2,000 East Hamptoners' power outages. When nature calls, she doesn't want any interference... [27East]

Sag Harborers decide "there's nothing better in life than messing around in [row]boats," and build a boathouse. [27East]

Grandmaster Flash was here, but nobody (including us) knew. It's called publicity, people! [Newsday]

 $1,000,000 to the fiercest of you Shark Dundees. And back off, PETA, the 1,200lbs of meat will go to the Long Island Council of Churches. [Cape Cod Times]

Ralph to put his finger in the historical pie; promises tee shirts and caps. [East Hampton Star]