It's Always Better In The Hamptons...

by THERESA WON · June 4, 2009

[Kendra Seay, Carson Griffith, Kristin Luciano, Theresa Won] We here at GofG Hamptons were all très bummed that we missed out on partying like a$$holes on a yacht last night.  While we were sitting in the rainy Hamptons at our undisclosed location, it felt like we were teenagers under house arrest - a feeling only exacerbated by the fact that we were watching American Pie and receiving constant tweets, IMs, and texts about how much fun everyone else was having at the Hotel on Rivington rooftop in the city in their cute sailor outfitsWomp womp.  We sought refuge in channel surfing, at which point we had a total DUH! moment when a commercial for USA's new show, Royal Pains (which is set to premiere TONIGHT at 10 pm!), popped up.  Our epiphany went something like this: complain not when you're placed under house arrest if said house you are under arrest in is completely fabulous with a beach in the backyard (no big deal).  And after all, we were "stuck" in the HAMPTONSThis is the place God would party if God could get in!  You can't get that kind of exclusivity anywhere else.  And as our resident fashionista and wardrobe consultant Carson quipped, "It's always better in the Hamptons."