We're Happy To Be Away From The City This Week Because...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 2, 2009

Well, we actually just were in the City. Last night. If you are a loyal Twitter follower of ours (as you should be! @GofGHamptons! Get on that!), you'll know that @CarsonGriffith, @KLuciano, and @KendraMiaSeay all traveled to the city last night for a 12 hour venture to attend the Malcom Harris' One Dress Launch Party with GofG, catch up on errands, and see friends. Since Kendra and I actually live in the city 3/4 of the year, it was great being back on our home turf, and we didn't realize how much we missed the choas of city living, the high rises, and the general hussle and bussle of the city. But you know what? Nothing beats the Hamptons in the summer time. And there's certainly one reason we are glad we are back here: HOLIDAY TRAFFIC!Just about every other person we ran into last night told us their plans for the Fourth involved coming out East this weekend, and although we avoided any form of highway congestion by leaving the city bright and early, we can only imagine how bad it will be as the day continues and the weekend goes on. So we're happy to be away from the city simply because we are already here, where a lot of you intend to be. Make sure to pack extra reading material, download new music, and throw in another Pellgrino because it's going to be a longgg ride out here. Unless you've booked a helicopter that is. Lucky you.