While Lounging Poolside...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 24, 2009

[Photo of Liqurious] Sip This. Other than it being a car-hop/drive in, Sonic is also well known for their Cherry Limeade drink. Unfortunately because there is not a sonic within at least 100 miles of the Hamptons, today's recipe is for a pitcher of Homemade Cherry Limeade's. This is a three-ingredient recipe and the directions are extremely easy to follow. Additionally, if you feel the need to spice up the drink a little, you can add your favorite spirit to this drink but at your own discretion. Ingredients and directions below:


1 1/2 pounds fresh cherries, rinsed and pitted

1 cup lime juice

1/2 cup sugar

2 limes


In a blender, add the cherries, lime juice, and sugar

Blend until smooth.

Pour the blender concoction through a fine strainer into a pitcher (at least 2 qt.), extracting as much liquid as possible; 

Discard residue. 

Stir in 3 cups ice cold water and serve over ice.

Garnish with a slice of lime 

*Recipe courtesy of Sunset

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