While Lounging Poolside...

by KENDRA SEAY · August 19, 2009

[Photo via HWTM.com] Sip this. If an alcoholic icy slush treat doesn't sound like poolside perfection, then we don't know what does. This sugar rimmed champagne slushie topped with strawberries will make the perfect summer treat for a relaxing day by the pool or on the beach while simultaneously taking you back to the days when rainbow slushies were all the rage. This boozy version of the tasty summer pastime is easy to make while offering up a sweet, refreshing icy cocktail to help you cool down while soaking up the sun poolside...


Ingredients: 1 bottle champagne - chilled 1 lemon - FINELY zest half of lemon & juice whole lemon 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1 box of small frozen strawberries - thawed

Directions: 1.In a sauce pan make your simple syrup by cooking water & sugar over medium heat until it boils & thickens. 2.Take off of heat & let cool. Once cooled, place in refrigerator for a few hours allowing it to cool completely. 3.In a glass baking dish add your chilled bottle of champagne. Add your simple syrup. Add the lemon zest & lemon juice. 4.Stir & place in freezer. Stir occasionally. 5.Leave in freezer for 3-4 hours until slushie consistency. 6.Before you’re ready to serve your slushies, add in the bag of thawed strawberries & juice. Mix well. 7.Serve in chilled glasses. Garnish with fresh mint if you like.