"I Definitely Don't Want To Remember How I Got Back From The Hamptons. Ideally I'd Wake Up In Like My Own Bed But With None Of My Stuff, And Be Like How Did This Happen?"

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 16, 2009

In a recent video put together by Plum TV, one New York funny-man had this to say about how he would know his night in the Hamptons was a good night?...[All photos by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] Inappropriate at times but always inquisitive Plum TV's, Nick Leighton, asked the head writer for SNL, Seth Meyers, a few questions at the Annual Club Starlight Ross School event. One of which, was exactly how Meyers would know that his night was a good night. Sure enough, the witty man that Meyers is answered Leighton's question with a jokingly funny response . You can check out the full video titled, What Makes A Good Party? at Plum TV.