"I Love Love Surf Lodge (Event Though It's Not In The Hamptons). I don't Understand New Yorkers Who Come Out To The Hamptons And Go To Packed Clubs..."

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 14, 2009

What NYC based reality starlet made this comment when asked what her favorite bars and clubs in the Hamptons are? [Erin Lucas, Devorah Rose] During a recent interview with Hampton Daze, the City's, Erin Lucas, said that her favorite bar/club was Surf Lodge. I certainly agree with Lucas that Surf Lodge has a great vibe going, but I was sort of perplexed by her comment that Montauk is not in the Hamptons. It is understood that various Montauk folks do not like being associated with the stereotypes connected to the term, "The Hamptons" but regardless I personally view Montauk as part of the Hamptons. This debate could certainly go on forever. What do you think GofG readers: do you consider Montauk part of the Hamptons or a separate entity?