"I Think You Need To Have A House In The Hamptons, A House On Fifth Avenue, A House In Colorado, And Of Course Summers In The South Of France."

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · August 6, 2009

What television newscaster believes that owning a home in the Hamptons is necessary if you want to be viewed as rich by New York standards?[Photo via NYSocialDiary] While attending the premier party for Joan Rivers' new show, How'd You Get So Rich?, current host of FOX 5 Live and Good Day New York, newscaster Rosanna Scotto was asked by NY Mag, What she thinks rich is by New York standards? Her answer included an annual salary over several million dollars, and owning homes in the Hamptons, Fifth Avenue, Colorado, and the South of France. With Scotto's annual salary at a reported $1.5 million, she seems well on her way to being rich based upon "New York" standards.