Clothes Make The Australian

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 13, 2009


You might think that it was Nicole Trunfio's shoes that had us baffled at the preview party for Nomad Two Worlds at the Keszler Gallery this past weekend (afterall, who wears black booties in August?), but it was really more so her look. You would think the top notch print model (she's been the face for everyone from Karl to D&G) would have her choice of designers, but  we're not quite sure where she was going with the long, flowy dress she wore. We have a few ideas though. We think she choose it because it looked like one of the following: 1. A zebra 2. A kaleidoscope or 3. a shredded film strip. We have to admit though, despite it's crazy pattern and asymmetrical cut, is there really anything the gorgeous Australian model could look bad in?