Clothes Make The Woman

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 26, 2009

We loved how this 80s inspired throwback stood out in the much more conservative crowd at Bethenny Frankel's book signing on Wednesday night. Her bright make-up and "Like A Virgin" flared skirt and pearls had us glad that we could spot her from across the room thanks to her towering heels. But as we were poring over our pictures this morning, what really got to us was the one black glove look she sported that night, made popular in the 80s by none other than the King of Pop himself, the now deceased Michael Jackson. We're sure she's high on his list of those mourning his death today, as are we.



His biggest imprint that he left on this world will be through his music but whether it be through a single leather glove, pegged pants and white socks, or a Balmain jacket, Michael drove the fashion in a new direction many times as well. MJ was an icon in many ways, and for this he will be missed.