Clothes Make The Laurens

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 15, 2009

[Photo by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] Looks like they share more than a common name - they share a sense of style as well. Hot couple Lauren Bush and David Lauren (we have a feeling if these two hear wedding bells she'll be keeping her sur-name) attended the All-American Series event with Bruce Weber and Nan Bush, celebrated by Bob Colacello, over this past weekend, in the true American spirit expected at a Ralph Lauren event. Seeing Lauren Bush wearing a FEED bag is nothing new (Bush is an avid support of Feed The Children) as she brings one basically everywhere she goes, but matched with her boyfriend's denim button-down with a red, white, and blue arm-patch, and an American flag back drop, they look almost too good to be true. The fresh-faced, All-American couple gets our approval for not only their style but their patriotic and charitable twists. We're sure Ralph would be proud. Full coverage of this event coming soon...