Introducing Justin Ross Lee: The Latest GofG Hamptons Feature

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 12, 2009

[Justin Ross Lee. No big deal.] Little did we know when we caught sight of these two lookers at Pink Elephant a couple weekends ago and decided to profile them for "Clothes Makes The Couple" what kind of feedback it would create. Apparently that's typical for Justin Ross Lee, the controversial party boy who is known for more than just his outlandish outfits. After I received a friend request from the character himself after he stumbled upon my little post, with a message telling me to "look around" his Facebook account, I was a little skeptical. Seeing he had over 5,000 friends, over 3,000 photos, and a fan page (Bethenny Frankel - you're a fan too)? I was a little confused. Then a light-bulb went off! I remembered him - from the Hamptons magazine party. And Pink Elephant. And Day & Night. And just about everywhere else. Because that's where you can find Justin Ross Lee. Every picture, every party, and just about anywhere else people are spending money and shall we say... popping bottles? Whether you love him, or hate him we knew we had to capitalize on the growing interest in his public figure. So get ready to see a lot more of "JRL" around here...

Current Facebook Status:

Justin Ross Lee

"just touched ground in Las Vegas for the weekend after a 6 hour "f*ck you" JRL signature first class JewJetting flight sitting next to and drinking with the CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker" 9 hours ago

Some Of Our Recent Favorites:

"Justin Ross Lee is off to the 34th St Heliport where he pre-clears TSA to take a 5 minute Chopper that lands on the tarmac at JFK to board his “f*ck you” first class JewJetting flight to Vegas this weekend. JRL: rolling instead of “Dialing 7’s”.

"Justin Ross Lee was on location of "Trophy Kids" f*ck you filming for 10+ hours today playing the roll of the Loro Piana threaded "i-Banker". JewJetting out to Vegas this weekend"

Justin Ross Lee spent 6 hours next to Ashley Olsen a flight from LAX-JFK last night, chatting it up, drinking, and pretending to not know who she was. I then gave the famished Tim Burton resembling creature a look of skepticism when she insisted on being actress before passing out and cuddling up next to her in her Gray Hermes Cashmere throw. Upon deplaning, I told her “Sleeping with an Olsen Twin was a lot better than TMZ reports".

Name: Justin Ross Lee, most commonly known as "JRL"

Originally hails from: "The mean streets of Scarsdale."

Religious Views: "Supercharged Super Jew"... yet to be seen without a Star of David necklace nestled in his chest hair.

Current Employment: His Facebook account states that he is employed by Pierce & Pierce, as a Vice President, for Mergers and Acquisitions, since May 2008. Now while this might not set off any bells for many of you, as a girl with a Bret Easton Ellis obsession, Pierce & Pierce is the firm that Patrick Bateman works for in American Psycho. We get it, JRL. You are the Jewish Patrick Bateman in the making. Just stay away from chainsaws and cannibalism.

Political Views: And I quote "Knocking up Palin's daughter's, Getting E. Spitzer laid for free, & Obama his drink on

Relationship Status: He's single, ladies! After a little detective work we discovered he was formerly in a relationship with a pretty little brunette he referred to strictly as "the Rabbi's daughter", but if his most recent album, "S.H.I.S.K.A Spring", is any indication, it looks like he might be steering towards blonds nowadays. Feel free to email your number (and a headshot) to us if you're interested. We'll be sure to pass them along.

Interests & Extracurricular Activities: While JRL lists "JewJetting" and "Early Retirement" as his interests on Facebook, we have a few others for him we can add... Photoshopping Facebook pictures, bottle service, tanning (fake and bake, real, whatever gets you there), plastic surgery enhancements (on others, not himself... as far as we know), taking pictures of himself in first class, stressing that he sits in first class and first class ONLY (his Facebook wall currently states his most recent LAX-JFK ticket costs $6k), the other half of his "heterosexual couple", using the phrase "F*ck you" as an adjective, taking pictures with celebrities (A-D list, he doesn't discriminate), getting his picture taken (all the better if it's with a hoard of girls, a cigar, or an open bottle), wearing logos loud and proud, "house and that gangsta shit" music, linking any online mention or video of himself to his Facebook account, and being a "JewJetting Intercontinental Man of Continuity".  For all of this, we salute you JRL (Kinda...).

Latest Escapade: Speaking of that recent "JewJetting" trip he took from LAX-JFK, he was seated next to Ashley Olsen. Want to doubt the guy? He has the pictures to proof it, and entitled them "Teaching an Olsen Twin the art of JewJetting." The album includes over 10 shots of the Olsen twin sleeping, sipping on a drink, and looking pretty much miserable. None, however, of her making eye contact with the camera or actually posed with JRL. His reasoning? "Because I didn't want a photo with her. There is nothing funny about a photo with Ashley Olsen. Her drinking/ sleeping is a great shot", says his comment replies.

We think JRL...

-Is the Male version of Julia Allison?

-Deserves to have a reality TV show. It'd be so ridiculous, we'd watch!

-Should just teach "JewJetting" seminars instead of going back to work full-time. Then he'd have plenty of time left for Pink Elephant and his "S.H.I.S.K.A.H"s

-Will make an excellent addition to this site. And we can't wait to hear more - directly from him!

Stay tuned for more JRL... coming very, very soon...

From the "JewJetting" Adventures of JRL:

Justin Ross Lee takes photos wherever he goes...

JRL's flying comrade from LAX to JFK, Ashley Olsen

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