"It Could Be A Howard Johnson's Hotel On Some Random Road, But You Had A Great Memory There And You Think Of It As The Best Place In The World. That Was What The Hamptons Were To Me."

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 8, 2009

Author of a recent novel about the Hamptons, this daughter of a famous East End restauranter had this to say about what the Hamptons means to her...

[Maggie Kim, Jodi Della Femina, Maggie Kim, Charlie Kim. Photo by BILLY FARRELL for PMc] In a recent interview with The Independent, Jodi Della Femina, had this to say about her childhood memories of the Hamptons. Jodi previously authored the famous Hamptons Guidebook, Jodi's Shortcuts, and recently co-authored a fiction novel with Sheri McInnis titled, By Invitation Only. Being the daughter of the advertising magnate and Hamptons restaraunteur, Jerry Della Femina,  Jodi Della Femina became well acquainted with the Hamptons at a very early age. As a result, she also fell it love with everything about the Hamptons, which proved to be a great inspiration behind the creation of her recent Hamptons novel.