Legg Mason Tennis Classic Gets Andy Roddick Fired Up

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 7, 2009

[Andy Roddick. Photo via Getty] via guestofaguest: What's got Andy Roddick's tennis shorts in such a twist? The fact that he's not playing in the Hamptons obviously! Okay, maybe not, but we'd like to think so. If we can't watch him on our very own courts right here in the Hamptons, lucky for us we can watch him in the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. Say what? The Legg Mason Tennis Classic? Yes, there's more out there than just Wimbledon. It's part of the Olympus US Open series where Roddick has been known to work his magic. Even if you're not the swiftest with a racket, you can catch those who are. MORE>>>