Montauk Prepares For Hurricane Irene!

by Rachelle Hruska · August 26, 2011

The scene in Montauk is a bit surreal. Sunny day, blue skies, and a subtle breeze. If it weren't for the over-sized surfing waves (rare out here), you'd think it were just another weekend. Until you headed into town and saw every store boarded up, and a line for gas that was longer than the line of cars at Surf Lodge on a Saturday. Even the cattle at the horse ranch, all huddled up together in a giant pack, knows that something big is coming...(maybe). Click below for more photos from Montauk....

[Everyone is hard at work boarding up their shops]

First there was NO gas to be had anywhere in Montauk...

...And then a final shipment came, causing hungry cars to line up far around the corner:

It kept going...

...and going:

More from Main Street: