"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Another Quiet Night In Southampton At AXE Lounge

by KENDRA SEAY · June 8, 2009

[All photos via Kirillwashere] It was another nice, relaxing, and quiet night on Friday at AXE Lounge in Southampton… Riiiight! Maybe somewhere in your parents' dream, because it's safe to say the club is still going strong with nothing quiet, calm, or mellow about it. Friday night, AXE Lounge lived up to it’s growing reputation and delivered a night of fun-filled drunken craziness and thankfully, photog Kirill was there to capture every second of rowdiness. There’s something about this hot spot that sends East End club go-ers into a partying frenzy and this weekend was no exception as everyone (forgot they were in a club with a really obnoxious name) and let loose...

More story and photos below...

The bubbly showered the crowd as DJ Phresh took over the turn tables and another night of mayhem was well on its’ way. Headed to Southampton next weekend? DJ Cassidy will be making an appearance putting his skills to work followed by Steve Aoki on June 20th