Top Pics From Rob Rich: Lilypond

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 24, 2008

Jessica Wigsmarn and MIng Kim at Lily PondAramis Artin, Bey ArcherzEsma Radon and Sandra Gee at LilypondUnik, Ali Tyrangel, Alexa Susser at Lily pond

[All photos from Rob Rich]

We have yet to boogie on the Lily Pads at Lily Pond, but, thankfully Rob Rich has been and to capture the magic for us.  Today's top pics:

Jessica WIgsmarn and Ming Kim: Expert "OH YEAH" mouth posers.

Armanis Artin and Bey Archerz: Proving sunglasses inside can look cool?

Esma Radoncic and Sandra Dee: BFF's till the end

Unik, Ale Tryrangel and Alexa Susser: Unik continues to make people smile