Trata Gone Wild?

by guestofaguest · June 6, 2008

For a delicious and respectable night of fine Greek dining, you can head to Trata in Manhattan's 10021 zipcode. For an all out trashy evening of debauchery after eating some Greek food, you can head to Trata out east - which we found turns into a club after 10pm.

If you didn't find your name on the list at La Playa or Dune this past weekend, you could have just gone to Trata, valet parked your car (thanks, I could have done that on my own) and headed into the explosive frat party inside. Could this have been a lost scene from Mama Mia the movie? While sangria had runneth over, drunk people well over the age of 30 were banging on bongo drums and tambourines, girls were having a flirt off with guys (seriously, I watched a serious competition for a guy between girls ensue), and people were throwing ANYTHING they could get their hands on. Napkins were the new confetti - combine those with spilled drinks on the floor and you had about 42.7% of people trailing wet napkins on their BAD shoes. (see photo below) And who wasn't smoking that night....

Some would call me a nay sayer. Maybe even Bitter Johnny. Come on, join the fun....

If this was fun in the Hamptons, I'll take Manhattan. I was feeling a little more subdued while Trata 'gone wild!