Hamptons Picture Of The Day: Shark Sighting In Quogue!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 2, 2009

[What are all of these people looking at? SHARK ATTACK!] A GofG Hamptons reader recently sent this candid pic taken of a shark spotted while at the beach in Quogue. The other pictures were too bloody and gruesome to post on the site, so this is all we have to show you. Just kidding, there was no blood or violence caused by this passing shark. It was just bathing itself in the summer Hamptons waters. We cannot wait for the weather to get better so we too can brave the waters of the chilly Atlantic. That is, we would prefer it if Mr. or Mrs. Shark does not stop by for a friendly hello. Photo of the shark below... If you happened to have seen this shark yourself let us know and feel free to e-mail us at Kristin@guestofaguest.com and check out more pics of the shark sighting below...