Eavesdropping In: Error In Casey Anthony Trial, Rebecca Black's New Single, And Murdoch Will Get Grilled By Parliment

By Chelsea Burcz on Tuesday July 19, 2011

An error has been reported in Casey Anthony's case, apparently she didn't search chloroform 84 times, but only once. [NYT]

A 17 year-old in Florida allegedly killed his parents with a hammer, then threw a party at their house. [ABC]

Rebecca Black is back with a new single... and grown-up bangs. [Gawker]

Rupert Murdoch will spend three hours in questioning by Parliment, and may lose his position as CEO of News Corp. [PowerWall]

The hacker group LulzSec hacks The Sun and redirects readers to fake news story about Rupert Murdoch's death. [CNET]