Eavesdropping In: The Dow Jones Plunges, Sean Avery Attempts To Beat Up A Cop For Ending His Party Early, And Mr. Bean Wrecks His Car

by Chelsea Burcz · August 5, 2011

The strange details of the fake bomb strapped to a young girl keep getting stranger. [MSNBC]

Wikipedia is slowly losing contributers, mostly because editing is entries is such a pain in the butt. [NPR]

The Dow Jones plunged a breathtaking 512 points yesterday. Traders were gripped with the worst panic since the depths of the economic crisis three years ago. [AMNY]

New York Rangers winger Sean Avery was arrested and charged with battery on a cop after allegedly shoving an officer who attempted to break up a party at his Hollywood Hills home. [NYP]

Mr. Bean wrecked his extremely rare car (there's only 100) in England, but thankfully he only suffered minor injuries. [TMZ]