Eavesdropping In: The Montauk Monster Washes Up In NYC, An Entryway Fit For The Term Chic

by Dena Silver · July 24, 2012

-A peek inside the entryway of the Hamptons Designer Showhouse by Lee W. Robinson. And yes, it's beyond chic [HabituallyChic]

-Ramy Brooke, a clothing line made in Manhattan but designed with the Hamptons in mind, will be doing big things at Super Saturday 15 this weekend [HamptonsMagazine]

-What is the Montauk Monster doing washed up on the shores of the East River? [Gothamist]

-When you turn your hired help into indentured slaves, there might be an issue. Especially when you're feeding them leftovers and...hotdogs? [NYPost]

-In memory of wounded war vets, one team bike riding for the Wounded Warrior Project raised over $18K for the cause [EastHamptonPatch]