Packing Up Shop To New York City...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 9, 2009

Remember your maiden voyage out to the Hamptons at the start of the summer? It was probably Memorial Day, you probably had too many people in your car, and the traffic was probably too much too handle. For us: Check, check and check, as you can see here by this pic of the GofG-mobile... If you haven't picked up by now in one of our other posts, we head back to NYC today, but unlike the rest of you, it's not Labor Day, our car will be practically empty, and there will be little to no traffic since it's Wednesday. However, we do have to lug about three months worth of our lives back to the city. So wish us luck folks! And don't you worry! Just because we'll no longer be in the Hamptons full-time doesn't mean GofG Hamptons will cease to exist. It putters on for a bit after today. So make sure to keep checking back, tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. And as always, you know where to find us: @gofghamptons, @kendramiaseay, @carsongriffith, @kluciano.