We're Happy To Be Away From The City This Week Because...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 8, 2009

[Picture via Aaron Arrkelin] Today is "Tumbleweed Tuesday". And there's no better place, in our humble opinions, to mourn the loss of summer, than in the deserted Hamptons, after everyone's packed up their warm weather whites and seasonal seersuckers and headed back to the city. Yes, it may seem like it could be lonely, but it's much better than the alternative. How are we supposed to weep and mourn about the end of bathing suit weather and long, hot days, in an office full of people or on a crowded street? You just can't - without looking slightly crazy at least. So while you all huddle by the water cooler and wish you had a few more days of the season left to talk about just got great Summer 09 truly was - from the cook-outs to the sleep-ins and the beach days and everything in-between, we'll be sitting here on "Tumbleweed Tuesday", still not packed, happy to be away from the city, one last time.