Twitterific Hampton Tweets...

by KENDRA SEAY · July 14, 2009

@blueandcream Spotted: paul mccartney + gf parking in front of @blueandcream in easthampton! He waved hello to us, how unexpected+nice! about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@KatieLeeJoel Finished my latest set of edits for the next book. My least fave part of the cookbook writing process. Feel like I can't see straight! about 1 hour ago from Twitterrific

@Veuve_Clicquot Insider Tip: don’t wear stilettos to Polo. They'll sink in the grass & you won’t be able to join in the fun @ the divot stomp. about 8 hours ago from web

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@BlakeMycoskie so cool, TOMS piece just aired on the daily 10 on e! did you guys see it? about 2 hours ago from web ------

@JTWhite Has a nice case of beer in his hand complements of dos equis. Crunk crunk crunk about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry -------

@malasander Leaving a wonderfully magical clambake on the ocean in sagaponack. Heaven. about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry --------

@ MYC_Hamptons "Hamptons Hotels Steals & Splurges" featuring the Montauk Yacht Club: about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

@thegreenmonkeys Hamptons update. Still chilly great sleeping weather Christmas shopping continues in this cool summer about 4 hours ago from web

@curbedhamptons The Sandcastle's Joe Farrell: Not a fan of the ocean about 8 hours ago from Tweetie