Twitterific Hampton Tweets

by KENDRA SEAY · June 2, 2009

@KatieLeeJoel Dear Mother Nature, Whats with the dark clouds? Please no rain today! I have a photo shoot for my cookbook. Outside!! about 1 hour ago from web


@Royal_PainsUSA - Fans will even stand in the rain to get a FREE Royal Pains Sno-Cone at the Wrigley Bldg, Chicago about 16 hours ago from web


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@sccevents Looks like more than 25 Big Lunches will be taking place in Southampton over the summer. Nice. about 12 hours ago from the web


@UncleRush So I see this story on internet that says follow russell the hip hop yogi. That sounds like a wierd group. U people are "different" about 16 hours ago from web