Twitterific Hampton Tweets...Weekend Edition

by KENDRA SEAY · July 20, 2009

@dizzyblazeberg Just left Black + White party at Russell Simmons'. Green pants were a bad idea. Star Jones complimented them, which I took as further insult 8:25 PM Jul 18th from TwitterBerry

@SouthernPR At AXE Lounge listening to a guy talk about how he likes using peppermint natural body wash it makes his skin tingle where do they come from 12:00 AM Jul 19th from TwitterBerry

@LauraKatzenberg On way to @blueandcream East Hampton for minnie mortimer and genetic denim trunk show. So excited for clothes, arizona ice tea and mr softee 6:03 PM Jul 18th from UberTwitter

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@UncleRUSH We raised well over 1 million, the Govenor. To Adrienne (cheeta girl)Bailoon Donna karan many others special thanks solidad obrian for MC,ng about 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@arielilana I just got accosted by PC Peterson and Barron Hilton in our suv with @carsongriffith @kendramiaseay ...a-fucking-mazing 5:30 AM Jul 18th from UberTwitter

@monstermaltz GREAT event with Temperley, hosted by the gorg Christy Turlington at the beautiful Temperley London shop in East Hampton. Benefiting CARE. 7:35 PM Jul 18th from TwitterBerry

@CarsonGriffith We're the only 4 ppl on this huge crazy white party bus going to the Love Shack estate? What r we getting ourselves into? 11:43 PM Jul 18th from txt

@AllyZarin Getting ready for @micahjesse bash! 12:38 PM Jul 18th from TwitterFon


@AmandaHugNKisss There's a bunch of drunk people on the train from boardy barn and one is getting arrested. I <3 LIRR about 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@MattyFromReason Stuck in traffic outside NYC. Good times with @GofGHamptons party. Time to rock the tables @ Ella-NYC (1st street + Avenue A) 10:44 PM Jul 18th from TwitterBerry --------

@AdrienField Read my post on the opening day of Bridgehampton polo! I've found my favorite new sport! about 2 hours ago from web

@EliMizrahi Hamptons! 8 parties in 8 hours! I can handle it!!! (Redbull Vodka please) 11:15 PM Jul 17th from mobile web -----

@KLuciano On a packed jitney hamptons bound- everyone looks like they are going to polo, but they should be going to sole east today! 10:14 AM Jul 18th from txt

@Jillzarin See my new Column out today ! about 11 hours ago from web