Say Goodbye To Walks Of Shame, Kind Of

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 14, 2011

SVEDKA has answered all of your walk-of-shame answers, ladies! Which is ironic because it is probably SVEDKA that got you into the walk of shame situation, but at least they're trying to help? Now available at Ricky's in East Hampton, you can pick up your very own walk of shame kit for $25. What does the kit include?

a pair of flip flops

reusable tote bag

Clementine lip balm

pop-up hair brush

folding sunglasses

Naturally Fresh Deodorant

Sweetspot Labs On-The-Go, Spot Refresh! Cleansing Wipes

Sweet Breath Peppermint Drops

Rickycare Hair Elastics

Psssssst! Dry Shampoo

cocktail recipes for the morning after!

So there you have it. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a kit...or seven for those nights when the Memory Motel sounds like a suitable place to sleep.

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