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New York Girl of My Dreams

New York Girl of my Dreams
This story is the story of every New Yorker’s dream: you make eye contact with a stranger on the subway and feel an instant connection. Somehow, that stranger tracks you down and the two of you fall madly in love. That’s what happened in 2007 to an Australian intern named Camille. Then 21-year-old Patrick Moberg spotted Camille at the Union Square subway station. He didn’t know who she was, and when she got off the train at the Bowling Green station, he didn’t know how to track her down. Determined to find Camille, Patrick set up a website complete with a detailed drawing of Camille, and information on how to contact him. The site went viral, and after thousands of false leads, a friend of Camille's came across the page, the two finally met, and Good Morning America even came along to capture the moment. Patrick hasn't updated the site since he's found Camille, but even if things didn't work out, this proves that there's hope for the rest of us star-crossed subway lovers. [Photo via]

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