Ivanka Plays Her Sartorial Trump Card

by Joseph Russell · July 29, 2008

donald trumpThis week, jewelry designer-cum-real estate scion gets the Hamptons Style spotlight (ish, seeing as Ashley Olson is on the cover). After much gushing over the enterprising heiress, who's "completely at ease poolside in a swimsuit, with jewels draping her neck and arms" but also apparently rides a mean boogie board, HS gets down to business. What are Ivanka's favorite things Hampton?


hanging out poolside with a good book (yawn, we wants glamour!)

watching dvds and reading (come on!)

Us Weekly (hmmph)

Sleek black swimsuit accessorized with a white agate multi-strand bracelet from my jewelry collection (spoken like a true Trump)

Diamond tassel earrings, also from my collection. They are versatile enough to wear during the day with summer dresses and then at night for a summer cocktail. (hammering it over our heads; I like)

Candy Kitchen for brunch (a bit cliched, but not a bad pick)

Round Swamp farmstand (ditto, and really?)

Lulu Guinness' closet (now we're getting somewhere, maybe)

Frette sheets (meh)

The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzan [sic] (why now?)

Maroon 5 (oh no you did not)

Tom Ford sunglasses (obvi)

And yet, despite her humdrum choices, I still like her. She certainly has class, which couldn't have come easily.

[Image via Ask Men]