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Meet Liam McMullan's Fiance, Aesha Waks. That's Right Liam McMullan Has Found His Soul Mate, Officially Engaged!

Liam McMullan, 21 year-old son of NYC social photog Patrick McMullan, is a man of many surprises, but this one beats out even his spur of the moment sky diving adventure last summer. No, this is not a PR stunt, and it's not a punk. Liam McMullan is engaged, and he wants the world to know. "WHAT!?" "Did I hear you correctly?" I asked the man-of-the-minute last night. "Yep. I'm in love. I found my soul-mate."

Meet 35 year-old Aesha Waks.

Who is Aesha? Well she is an aspiring actress who hails from from Rockaway Beach.  You know that place during high school where all the city kids went on the train to go get "stuff". The two met (gulp) last month through mutual friends.

On Tuesday night, in Jolie-Thorton fashion they got each other's names tattooed on their biceps - and didn't take their eyes off each other once last night. They were more than happy to share their story with me.  Aesha's father was present with the happy couple last night at our YACHT ROCK party and seemed content with the arrangement. Check out more photos of the happy couple below...

Giving me their story- "let me get this straight, you met last month?"