Fashion Hawks Are On The Coachella Tip: ShopBop, H&M, Express, All Roll Out New Lines For Festival

by Emily Green · April 15, 2010

H&M CoachellaIt was only a matter of time before the fashion world found a way to finagle itself into summer music festival culture.  In case your inboxes haven't been flooded with the promotional emails and newsletters from retailers and clothing brands to drive this point home, the fashion industry hawks have launched full-fledged campaigns and even collections targeted specifically at music fest goers.






H&M Coachella 2010In the weeks preceding Coachella, which marks the beginning of Summer music festival season, they've blasted their marketing initiatives aimed at making you want to be hippie-chic in their fest gear (peasant tops, boho jewelry, shorts, etc...). Smart move, fashion hawks.  Music festers want to look their best at these things without looking like they've put any effort into it even though everyone's sweating like pigs and more than likely high. But who knows... artists do pick fans from the crowd they take a liking to and invite them backstage, so it doesn't hurt to be wearing the right floral-print mini dress and gladiator sandals.

Shopbop handpicked items from its inventory to create "Coachella Essentials," because cowboy boots are totally necessary for the 90° weather and desert grounds...

ShopBop's Coachella CollectionMeanwhile, Express says what you'll be wearing is equally as important as what bands you'll see. Got that, guys? The outfit (the only record of which might be a photo since everyone's brains will be too fried to remember) and the uniquely awesome experience, carry equal weight.

H&M was clever and created the "Festival Collection" specifically for  such occasions as Coachella. The line is intended for those who want to look cute without packing expensive duds that run the risk of getting damaged when subjected to the music fester's way of life. It also includes sleeping bags and tents! Not sure how many people who are concerned with looking cute at music festivals will be roughing it in tents, but whatever. At least they now have the option to camp out with style.

H&M Tent