Rick Baker, M.A.C. Pro, Makes A Monster

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 24, 2010

[All images by Andreas Branch for PMc] Why is this creepy man hanging around these women?! Why are they not running? Yesterday at the El Rey Theater, M.A.C. Pro hosted a Master Class with makeup artist, Rick Baker, who tought guests how to go from normal looking to...not.-

M.A.C. has been offering makeup artists an opportunity to learn from the best in their industry. Yesterday, was Rick Baker's turn to show the class how to make a monster.

Rick went on stage, looking like a nice gentleman, and slowly but surely, as he explained his technique, he turned into this strange, rainbow character with horrible teeth. Below are a series of pictures showing his transformation.

Rick has been working in Hollywood for over 30 years, and has been responsible for some of the most memorable creatures. He is credited with the makeup for Michael Jackson's Thriller, Men In Black, the Grinch, Gremlins, Wolfman, and many more.

And, I know it is just make up but I am still really freaked out!


Christian Mitchell, Melanie Mills, Alessandro Tomasetti, Gregory Arlt

Cristina Waltz, Karen Stein, John Stapleton, Glenn Allen

Mycki Manning, Monique Boyer, Mike Mekash, Erin Kreuger Mekash

Rick Baker

Rick Baker

Rick Baker

Monique Boyer, Rick Baker, Tiffany Johnston

Wendy Ann Rosen, Kat Connelly, Casey Cheek

Arianne Mead, Jennifer Perdazza, Monique Boyer

John Doria, Steven McSwain, Christian Musson