From Lounge To Club: Black Banditz/White Arrows After Party At Hemingway's

by Emily Green · March 9, 2011

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    In recent weeks, we've noticed a change in one of our favorite weeknight hangouts on Hollywood Blvd. What was once designated as lounge has made the crossover to all-out nightclub and on no occasion was this more apparent than at the Black Banditz after party for the White Arrows tour launch last week. It was one helluva throwdown so join us as we take a look at how Hemingway's has been upping the ante in a big way.

    It's important address what exactly we mean by lounge and nightclub and how we distinguish these because it's partly subjective and they don't follow a specific definition or set of guidelines, but here's what we do know: lounges are conducive to conversation, sitting ("lounging"), relaxin' and maxin', while clubs are conducive to... getting shitty. *Note: When I asked Jessica the difference between lounge and club, her answer was "people are less belligerent at lounges," which tells us that it's not a matter of either/or, but rather degrees of belligerence and anything else that characterizes these nightlife establishments.

    Due the dancing on furniture, straight swigging from Patron bottles, and a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" sing along, Hemingway's was definitely a club in the best possible sense on Thursday for the Black Banditz/White Arrows after party. We had a grand time at the post-event celebration and from what we can remember it seems like everyone else did as well. Oh wait, we have photos to prove it. We'll let them speak for themselves...

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