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Signature Hot Towel Shave From Master Barber at Ciel
While talking at length about how specialty shaving products make you "feel like a real man" is a dead giveaway that you're trying way too hard and probably subscribe to Esquire or something, there is nevertheless an undeniable appeal to the timelessness of the straight-razor shave. But as much as your boyfriend may love him, there's no need to trust the less-than-steady hand of his 95-year old neighborhood barber when you can get the world-class pampering of the Master Barbers of the SLS Hotel. Becoming a Master Barber is a specific certification process requiring thousands of hours of experience and passing a board exam, so that means an ultra-comfortable upscale relaxation experience that will double as the best shave he'll ever get. $50, Ciel at SLS

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