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Elizabeth Taylor Wins for Most Ridiculous Announcement of Winner
While some speculate that Elizabeth Taylor may have been slightly tipsy during this "announcement" of the Best Picture Award of the 2000 Golden Globes, to us, this fact does not matter. Her endless amounts of mistakes only make the revealing of the award all the more climactic. First, to announce the nominees she tries opening the envelope containing the winner. When fellow stars from the audience start yelling at her not to reveal the winner yet and to look at the prompter in front, she apologizes innocently, "I'm new at this! I usually like to get them." Every time she's able to make it through another Best Picture nominee, it's hard to tell whether the audience is clapping for the film or for Taylor's small triumph. When Taylor finally get's to open the envelope, the glory for the award-winner is only made more momentous by her hard-fought struggle to get to the end of her bit. Honestly, it's the classic drunken David and Goliath story. Who doesn't like rooting for the underdog?

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